Hacking All Things Automotive x Personal Finance

Over time, we’ve seen the Leasehackr community grow into a trusted source for all things mobility and smart money – from tips on how to save on auto insurance to credit card churning. Even jet ski leasing has come up for discussion.

The growth of these related topics makes a lot of sense: leasehacking is at the intersection of all things automotive and personal finance.

We love seeing how our collective passion for cars and deal hunting has brought together folks to help each other on a myriad of topics beyond leasing. To help foster these conversations, we are creating new sub-categories to accommodate these topics.

We are adding the following sub-categories to Ask the Hackrs:

And the EV sub-category to Off-Ramp:

Happy Leasehacking!


Maybe should also add “Shipping”.

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Great suggestion! We actually had “shipping” as a candidate for sub-category, along with “taxes” and “legal/registration”, but we decided against it for now because we didn’t want to create too many sub-categories that might paralyze users when they try to post. We created the tags under Topic Types instead. We are not ruling out the possibility of turning them into their own sub-categories if they grow in popularity and if users find them useful though!

Just today someone opened another one about shipping, so I searched for “shipping” and there are tons of them. I thought combining them under single category would help.

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