Got a QX50 tonight, pretty sure I got hosed


Man, tough times to lease. I even tried reaching out to Aronchi (who mocked me lol…great guy/girl). Anyways, picked up a QX50 tonight. I won’t even bother listing all the details as they really mashed up the numbers once they realized they should not have been making this deal (I had it worked out to no money down and $410 a month including VA tax). The manager said he needed to get “VPP” to get this done he was so in the negative and asked me to bail him out…lolololol. I met him half way to $419 a month. Pretty sure I got hosed anyway but hopefully not that badly.

MSRP: $47230
Monthly: $374 + VA tax rolled in (would never pay all that upfront) = $419
DOA: nothing but first, registration, and $4050 in money security deposits
Getting ~$7100 back from selling them my Lexus


at a glance it seems fine


Whip looks :fire:.

That’s a nice deal. The lease hacker score on this one is great due to the payment for that MSRP

Sounds like a solid deal at first glance. What does it say under “agreed upon selling price” on the lease contract? What’s the total rent charge?

Better yet, share it on SIGNED! so we can better evaluate it:


So basically $615 a month

How so? I believe the OP is getting the equity back.

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Phenomenal deal, especially considering the way that VA taxes leases!!


Without seeing all the details it sounds like you did fine here. Did you not have a VPP code? It sounds like the dealer may have magically “found” one for you then. How much equity did the Lexus have in it? I’m guessing you used some of that for the MSDs?

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Would help some of us out if you’d share the details. Congrats on the new whip.

Seems like a really nice deal. Only thing is we don’t know anything about your Lexus equity so it’s possible they made up their money on that end buying for less than market value. Enjoy the car.

you texted me at 730 on a friday with made up numbers that took the advertised deal i had and knocked it down a few thousand dollars. i don’t take kindly to that - i don’t negotiate. you then found a dealer who probably has no idea how VA tax works and then realized he’s upside down after running it through his desking tool, so he had you use your trade as a down payment, which is probably the right thing to do in this market. you’re probably in the high 5s or 6s on this. so it’s fine for what it is.


The bigger question is are you a guy or girl today?


I’ll keep my personal pronoun a secret since it’s only the first of the month, if that’s ok?


Yeah evaluating this deal is impossible without knowing what the Lexus’ market value is. It’s a really good deal if the Lexus was only worth 7100 bucks.

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Deal seems fine. No need to pretend you got hosed so you can have others tell you that you didn’t.


Why post this then? The details are what matter in order for others to understand how you achieved your payment or for us to give you feedback on what, if anything, could have been better if you feel you got hosed.


They mashed up the numbers? If you signed it then there was an agreed upon contract so who cares if they told you they were taking a loss or what their numbers were, guarantee you they aren’t taking a loss.
Did you get a check for $7100 or it was applied to the lease? I would have taken the money and then worked out a deal, that’s a lot of real money to put down, plus MSDs on a 47k MSRP.
Didn’t mean to reply to Siejammy

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I’m waiting for vhooloo to comment on the payment.

But all kidding aside,

I think this post is a troll @ aronchi more than trying to share a deal.

If OP was really interested in evaluating the deal would have included more appropriate details.


lol it’s ok. i dont really care. i’m not the one driving a qx50…