Good lease on 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV top trim?

Looking at a Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2021 - want a PHEV at a decent price in current market. Is this a good deal?

Edmunds numbers:
0.67% APR
48% residual
$250 lease cash

When I plugged into the calculator the numbers make some sense, but it isn’t a hack by any means. And I dont think I am plugging the exact numbers in correctly either.

Any suggestions where I can make it better? Ask them to bring down selling price, ask them to make APR lower?

P.S. I know there are many people on this forum who dont care for Mitsubishi. I am not here for those comments. Just want to see how to make this lease better because there isn’t much to go by on this vehicles given recent supply -demand issues. Thanks.

Have you looked at the X3e? This seems awful and the residual with minimal incentives probably makes it an impossible car to get a good deal on.

Share your link please

If these are the numbers, everything is low (which is only good in case of MF - 0.00027916).

You will need the dealer to come down from msrp for this to lease well at all.

2% discount on a Mitsu, omg. This is a terrible deal.


Yeah those numbers are confirmed with Edmunds.
2% discount from msrp is really bad for a mitsubishi. Is that 3,500 customer cash or some sort of PHEV allowance?

So 2% dealer discount, they bumped the rate on you, but Edmunds says $250 and they say $3500? What does Autobytel say?

This is what happens when you ask the dealer for lease numbers.

Isn’t the size of the X3e much smaller? but maybe im wrong?

whats an acceptable ask for reduction in MSRP? the issue is these models (GT) are basically 1 in each showroom, so they aren’t enthusiastic on lowering the MSRP much, but certainly willing to discuss, compared to the Toyota dealers ,who at this point dont even want to talk to you if you ask them to lower the MSRP (on a highlander hybrid or a rav4 prime).

I’ve never sat in an Outlander, but they both get listed as compact SUV’s. I guess you’d have to test drive an X3.

supposed to be customer csh, the 250 is the rebate (on the right). what doesn’t make sense is that 3789 basically goes into due on delivery under total cap reduction.

I would go with a Highlander hybrid at MSRP any day vs 2% Mitsu.

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Not many comparables. Online dealers are all over the place, one has 5k off plus drive offs ~10-12%?
Also, autobytel (ally) shows 5,500 CCRA allowance on the GT PHEV, would it apply here? would make a big difference.

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its an issue about phev vs the non-phev hybrid . with phev at work, we effectively need to fill gas hardly ever. a highlander hybrid isn’t a phev. Also leases on highlander hybrid platinums are currently at 650+. no one willing to negotiate.

whats the CCRA allowance?

Ahh, I thought the $3500 was a downpayment, it is some sort of incentive and this is a $0 DAS? Then it is t as bad as I thought.

yeah thats the odd thing. it seems like its ‘due at signing’. at least thats what I interpreted it as at the bottom (original image), so I am not sure how its an incentive then. At the end of the day, it does not make sense to pay $600+ month on a outlander lease. just trying to figure out how I can potentially get them down to a reasonable price, given MF, residual and incentives from Edmund are what they are (and if that is possible to do).

I think it is customer down :frowning:

That offer sure looks like $4118 das to me

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I understand, I like PHEV or BEV since I really hate to go to gas stations these days, with this payment, I will find a broker to look for a x3e or q5e but it might be difficult for your region. Always rumors about Mitsu leaving the US probably not a huge deal for a lease.

What are acceptable numbers on these vehicles? I looked for a Q5e and I was told I should expect 750-800 by a broker