Good dealS on Expedition, Navigator or Escalade?


Coming out of a leased 2019 X7 in a week. May have some equity but that’s a different thread

Looking to see if can get a decent deal on a larger truck with captain seats. The three in the title fit the bill.

Any suggestions appreciated

Tahoe or Yukon, with the 5.3L, can be found at supplier or better. Yukon has 4.69/%72mo financing. Tahoe has $1000 costco rebate. Supercruise and or bigger engines still usually at ADM.

Expedition/Navigator I would look for 22 model year left overs. I’ve seen some demos at 10% . Otherwise, the play here would be to find a dealer taking X plan on a 23. Will cost more with Bluecruise.

Escalade… you order and wait at MSRP or you pay ADM for in-stock. Has the highest resale value of this group and Supercruise is included.

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Escalade def seems to be the most in demand

Wife doesn’t really like the Yukon, but the numbers look good. Will have to dig more

I haven’t seen a Navi 10% off local. Have you seen anything in/around NJ?

Where do you see that? GMC has advertised offer at 4.69%

I see the same. Would like to know about 0% as well

It must have turned over today (11/1). It looks like the 0%/36mo was replaced with 4.69%/72mo.


Every once in a while you can catch a Navigator on the “courtesy vehicles” list, but they are few and far between. Lincoln call it the exchange program. I’ve got a dealer in NJ who will do X-plan on orders.

For Ford, usually go out of state for better deals. Sheridan Ford in DE and Bergey’s Ford in PA are two I know will go below MSRP. Like this, but no captains chairs.

Can you explain what this means?

X-Plan is a Ford discount program, explained below. If you are willing to wait for a custom order (3 to 6 months), there are dealers in NJ who will honor X-plan pricing, where Ford permits it.

Is there anything else I should be considering in this category?

Minivan is the most practical, but boss wife is not having it (for now)

Edit - specifically, how is a telluride compared to these trucks? It is smaller in dimensions for sure. We are coming from a x7, which feels cramped esp bc of bench seats and hard time to access the third row

Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer

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I thought wagoneer only had bench seats or some sort of a center console, which makes third row access harder. I haven’t dug deep however to verify this

Grand wagoneer seems to have the 2nd row center console

This is the wagoneer

Sweet. May be betters deals to be had on the wagoneer

Body on frame = inherently less space efficient.

Reviving this thread! The wife and I have expanded our search to the Ford Expedition Max and it seems like several dealerships have multiple units in inventory. Soooo I’m wondering if anyone has been able to get below MSRP? And what kind of lease terms? The lease will be going through a business if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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What’s the MF, RV and any lease cash?

Sitting up, taking notice…yes, do tell.

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