Good deal on 4 series. Not my favorite trim


Hi guys. I was just offered this deal. I think it looks good, but not entirely sure if its the best. I much prefer the 440i but this is what I have for a 430i- wondering if it is better to pass and wait til next month for 440i.


48k MSRP

38k Sell


275 mo after tax

includes loyalty and grad

Well you could lease an Accord for more, if you don’t like it keep searching! That’s a pretty ridiculous deal

I would take the deal. The 4 series are drying up fast and this is a crazy deal

Waive the acq fee for an even lower monthly payment.

Am I allowed to sell the deal to someone if I decide to go to 440?

Seriously? You work a deal on a car you don’t actually want and expect something for it, not how this place works. You never know, you might have left some meat on the bone, you have a low price guarantee?


Ya if you don’t want the deal just give it to someone else on here. That’s the “nice” thing to do

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I just don’t know how this works so I was asking a question. I don’t expect anything, I figured brokers are doing this everyday and it was acceptable to do the same.

I have no idea what I am doing. They didn’t have the car I originally inquired on and they gave me this.

Take the deal. If you don’t want it, pass it on to someone else and ask for the transfer fee paid.

That’s a pretty great deal, don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything close to it. The key to this game is not getting caught up in colors trim and options, if you do, you’re more likely to miss out on unicorns like the one you’ve already found. I’d push more on this car and waive the aqc with the mf bump and call it good, low $200’s would be ideal, I’m paying $234 for a 320, I’d be jealous!

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Think this is acting as a broker without a license; which would be illegal.

I might be interested in this if it is in so-cal.

Not necessarily. Some of us grab these deals to try different cars and end up finding better deals on cars we like more down the road.

People are allowed to have buyers remorse even on an awesome deal. When that happens, you share the love and pass it on.


Thanks for the tips. I’ll see if I can push them for more.

If I take this deal and then pass it on can I lease a 440 using the same incentives? or are they 1 time coupons.

Crazy deal and of course it is always a demo car.commenting that for my next lease I will ask for a deal on a demo car, because I couldn’t care less if it has 4k miles already. How did you get negotiations started on a demo car instead of a new?

As long as they last you can use the incentives time and time again.

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With waived acq fee and another 0.5% discount, you could be at $250. Take it and run. You’d have to sit on it a bit before transfer, but someone would take it in a heartbeat when the time comes, probably even if you asked for $1k up front.

If you don’t like the car don’t do it

He specifically asked if he could sell the deal; that’s brokering.

Of course he can pass it along for no fee.