Good Deal_ Mercedes C300 4Matic

I gave the following deal

Vehicle Price : $48,185
Selling Price : $38,706

Trade In: $24,000
Payoff : $25,400
Tax: 798

Tags: $207
Document fee: $300
Title : $100

$0 down $433 a month, 12k miles

That is a good start. You need to let us know what is the Money Factor they are charging you (interest) and then use multiple security deposits and autpay to bring down that MF. If you had fleet discount, then you would be close to 350…

where are you? i’ve tried for months and couldn’t get anywhere near that.

I am in Maryland. I heard people getting in the $300s and I do have fleet so calling right now about that.

MSDs will get you into the 300s. Your negative equity also hurts you a bit.

Use MSD good deal though

What is trade in? You’re giving them a car for a lease?

I owe $25,400 on my subaru and it is financed. Since I don’t keep my cars a long time it seems that I should lease. So trying to get out of my current car.

Also, if I put 10 MSDs down ($4k), the payment comes to $50 less a month

So just ran the numbers and sent this to the dealer. We shall see what they do. This is with no MSDs yet and not sure they will bite.

Vehicle Price: $48,185
Selling Price: $38,706

FEP Discount: $2,000

Adjusted Price: $36,706

Trade In Value: $24,000
Lien Payoff: $25,400

Sales Tax: $762
Tire: $4
Tag: $207
Document Fee: $300
Title: $100

Total : $39,479

Residual: 60% 12k miles
MF:0.00108 (down to .00098 with autopay)

$0 down $369 a month

Did the dealer give you the first offer or that’s what you offered to them? This 2nd set of number isn’t any different except for the Fleet Discount. The dealer shouldn’t care if you use Fleet or not because every get the $2k regardless.

Also, where’s the acq fee?

This is using the numbers they gave me initially I came up with this second offer and just emailed them. I they say yes then I will put down max msds too and make it even lower. Should be a good deal

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MD sales tax on on full price, no?
Also, you shouldn’t have negative equity on a Subaru after couple of years

With my trade in you only pay sales tax on the difference. Also $24,325 is the Subaru guaranteed value and I owe $25,400 so I do have negative equity. I even tried to sell privately for what I owe and no bites

Subaru guaranteed value is almost always lower than KBB trade-in value.

Well if you would like to buy it since you think it’s undervalued be my guest. I tried to sell for 2 months and no dealer will go about $24,325

Well, thanks. I have one now and have sold 2 in the last 7 years. I don’t know in what condition your car is and maybe it has a high mileage, but like I said before - financed Subaru should have at least some equity after 2 years and definitely will have equity after 3.

Ex: MSRP $30K, financed $26K (selling price, $0 down) for 63 month at 1.9%/$430/mo. After 2 years your balance is ~$15,500. RVs on Subaru are over 60% after 3 years.

Still don’t see equity there?

Car was $36k financed, $500 a month, right now owe $25,400. Not quite 2 years…has 29k miles

Anyway decided not to go with Mercedes and am trading in to lease a 2017 Forester touring w/ nav and eyesight for $0 drive off and $340 a month

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Then sure, it makes difference.
I have the same Forester but 2016 :slight_smile: And paying the same on 63/1.9% financing after trading in my 4 years old one.

So I just got back from the dealer last night…

I leased a 2017 Subaru Outback Limited w/ Eyesight and Nav for $360 a month for 12k miles/ 36 months and $360 due at signing. MSRP was a little over $35k and Maryland taxes are on selling price. At signing noticed dealer fee was $799 which is not great but believe this was a good deal anyhow.

So for $12,960, I get to drive a brand new car under warranty for 3 years. I could do this twice before it would make sense to buy and even then I would probably need a new car anyway. I really do not see a reason to finance a car unless you drive one for 10+ years and know how to do maintenance.

Congrats. You got your full trade in value for your 2015, I guess.
Apparently you got it in VA, so you could’ve told them to match MD dealer’s fee of $299 by reducing the selling price by $500 or else (Fitz would give you the same deal, IMO with $299 fee).

I was only leasing for the same reasons before my first leased Forester, when we decided to finance the next one. Like I said before - you can finance and drive a Subaru for 4-5 years and then get a new one for the same payments as your lease or less. And then keep replacing it every 4-5 years with lower payments every time. That is if you want to stay with Subaru. I had 0 problems with my 3 Foresters and kept my previous one for 4 years.