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In November I posted that I had placed an order for a 22 Yukon with a dealership in Florida. I had purchased from this dealership 1 year ago when I got a new Acadia at the time. I placed a custom order from the factory and the vehicle arrived last week and I just picked it up today.

As most of you know, Florida dealerships are known for having high dealer fees and mine was $895 which is high compared to the rest of the country but below average for Florida where many dealerships already charge over $1,000.

The MSRP of the vehicle was $64,xxx and I was able to get about 10% off MSRP on a Yukon including a rebate for financing with GM Financial and a couple hundred bucks for using a GM supplier code.

I have shared the info of the salesperson and the dealership I used and I know of at least 5 people off of leasehackr that ended up either buying something already on the lot or placing an order with the salesperson I used. I’m still willing to share his info if you PM me but I will say that there’s only a few vehicles on the lot and orders are a little backed up especially if you want something very specific. Anything with a Diesel engine for example is at least 2 months away from even being able to place an order but…sometimes deals do fall thru and vehicles do pop up from time to time.

This was my 2nd purchase from this dealership and they’re the easiest dealership i’ve ever worked with and the prices they offer are thousands less than any other dealership i’ve looked at. They can sell to anyone in the country if you’re purchasing but only do leases in Florida and with how bad leases are nowadays…it may make more sense to just purchase. Also, leases do have a smaller discount.

The vehicle financing will be done with GM financial and yes your interest rate will be marked up a little so don’t expect buy rate. You need to keep the existing financing until you make 6 payments and then you can refinance if you’d like but they do throw in a $1,000 incentive for doing this and no other dealer i’ve seen offers this. All in all at the end of the day you still come out ahead.

So if you’re interested in any GMC or Buick vehicle and looking for a referral to a dealer that doesn’t have a “protection package” added on, charges over MSRP, or plays games with you all day long…let me know and i’ll gladly send you my salesperson details and you can contact him directly.

No, I don’t get anything from the dealership. I’m just a satisfied customer and i’m willing to bet that anyone who buys a vehicle with the same salesperson will also have the same experience. If you’re from outside of Florida and want to fly in they will gladly come pick you up from the airport (it’s a major airport) so they make the entire process extremely smooth.

Feel free to ask any questions and if you would like my salespersons info just send me a PM.


Wow so…lots of people messaging me about the dealer info.

Just to reiterate…

No leases outside of Florida.

Leases within Florida possible but the discount will be smaller.

They key to getting a vehicle anytime soon is to be very flexible with the options you want. Diesel Yukons are backed up at least 4-6 months.

Supplier is a bit more than a few hundred bucks on a Yukon

I got a price that’s better than supplier discount. They were just able to knock off a few hundred more by providing a supplier code. The dealership gets additional $$$ by using a supplier code and they passed on some of that to me. That’s why I said I got about 10% off MSRP. Supplier with your specific example is only about 5-6% off.

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Supplier Inc on these are between $1k-$1500

thats the only number that matters. Depends on the invoice amount.

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It actually doesn’t matter at all because most dealers would just offer you the supplier price if you bring it up…and that’s IF (a big IF) they even accept supplier pricing on a Yukon. Instead this dealership showed me all the numbers as far as how much they get from GM using the supplier code (It’s $1,238 in case you’re wondering), how much total holdback is (It’s $1,872 in case you’re wondering) etc…I actually have it on a sheet in my packet. They got an extra few hundred bucks from GM and I also got a few hundred bucks more off the vehicle. The only rebate on a Yukon is a $250 rebate if you finance with GM financial and I got about 10% off msrp on a Yukon including that. Did I mention no broker fee? There’s also no finance guy trying to pressure you to buy protection packages. The salesperson also does all the finance paperwork and he simply asked me if I was interested in gap, extended warranty, tire package etc. I said no and we moved on.

No… it may be for yours, but depends entirely on the invoice.

No, that’s not how much i’m getting. Like I said, I have the piece of paper right in front of me which has all of the dealerships numbers. They get $1,238 on this specific model by using GM Supplier. But it doesn’t matter how much they get back because many dealerships aren’t accepting GM supplier (basically invoice pricing) and it also doesn’t matter because i’m way below invoice pricing with my deal. I don’t understand why you’re trying to tear apart my deal and focusing on the GM supplier portion since it made my awesome deal a little bit better. Find me another dealer willing to do 10% off sticker on a brand new Yukon and then we’ll talk.

I’m not tearing it apart, just explaining how Supplier Incl works. It is based off the invoice amount of a given car.


Correct, and for my specific vehicle it’s the amount I already posted. So by using supplier in my deal, since it was already a lower price than supplier, I got a further reduction in price of a few hundred dollars, and the dealership got to pocket a few hundred dollars extra as well.

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I’ve had many people reach out to me via PM for the salesperson info. Hopefully some of you were able to put in an order for a Yukon but moving forward I’ve been told that they don’t have any availability to even place an order for a Yukon or HD truck for at least 2 months.

They have very aggressive pricing on all other GMC and Buick vehicles and can place orders for customers so if you’re looking for a Yukon or HD truck you may be out of luck for a bit. Anything else just PM me and I’ll give you his info so you can contact him.

Does anyone know why a dealer wouldn’t honor supplier when they have no discount and add a 3k protection package on a Yukon? I’m in CA so I understand the market difference just don’t understand a dealer not wanting to use supplier. Thanks

It’s money out of their pocket, they get a small rebate from manufacturer for honoring it but they would rather sell for more.

The GM supplier price requires a dealer contribution. For example, the Yukon I bought had an MSRP of $64,095. The GM supplier price is $60,915.90 which is a $3,179.10 reduction in price. GM then reimbursed the dealership $1,232.38 for accepting GM supplier pricing. This means that the dealer contribution was $1,946.72. This is why some dealerships won’t accept GM supplier pricing…because it’s as if they’re selling the car at an almost $2,000 discount below MSRP.

Got it I appreciate the info. I wasn’t aware of the details.

Ask them if they’d be willing to do supplier pricing with the $3k protection package. That still puts them at about $1k over msrp. There’s dealers selling them at msrp you just have to do some research. Also, if you can wait a couple of months…I think the dealership I got mine from is taking GM supplier with no add-on…you just have to pick it up from Florida and drive it back or ship it to California.

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That’s true. Thanks for the info much appreciated.