GMC Yukon purchase - Buick GMC

high four-figure blessing on a Monday, way to start the week. Ask about a Tahoe next

Brokers on here are offering 4-5K below MSRP.

10 figure blessings should be for charity only.

Honestly, for SoCal, I was able to just get a XL Denali for MSRP. It was in stock and the dealer initially wanted 10k ADM.

For lower trims I think since the Denalis are easing up, supplier is doable, MSRP should be the bare minimum.

If you’re able to wait, as said above, some brokers are offering discounts on SLT and SLEs. But I haven’t seen a Denali for under MSRP, even here.

@Clutch did offer a Denali at way under MSRP. Someone I know was able to grab it but haven’t seen one since.

I must have missed it. Was it red? :joy:

Point is Denalis are hard to find under MSRP. I think it will be possible soon, since dealers seem they’re easing up.

I just went back and saw it! 6500 off! Amazing. However I had to have the XL for the cargo room.

I only have 1 Denali available right now and it is a 2023 Ultimate with Super Cruise. $2500 ADM

Have an XL AT4 at MSRP @z0lt3c


Great pricing for an ultimate. AFAIK most dealers have big ADMs on it, especially with supercruise.

The lower trims are basically rental cars and should be bought as such, ie don’t buy one without a big discount. I’d hate to see the delta between sticker and trade-in in a few years.

The SLEs for sure, I’ve seen a few SLTs that have some nice options that make them comparable to maybe a base Denali. But at that point, why spend 75k on a SLT.

Definitely took the Denali with resale in mind, still ain’t gonna be pretty but will be better than lower trims for sure.

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I wish you had locations closer to the Northeast !!

If you come across a Duramax I may make an exception.

Instead of responding to multiple PMs per week about this i’ll just share the dealer and salespersons info on here.

Dealer: Rivard GMC in Tampa
Salesperson: Justin Ramer
Cell: 813-951-7785

I haven’t talked to him in a few months so I don’t know what they have available or how deeply they’re discounting their Yukons at the moment. If purchasing you must finance with them, keep the loan 6 months, and then refinance if you want. If leasing, no leases outside of Florida and the discount is slightly smaller. Good luck to everyone!