GMC Terrain - DFW area - 172/mo 0 down - Incl taxes rolled in - Do one-pay for another 400$ discount

2018 GMC Terrain SLE

MSRP: $29850
Selling Price: $27,000
Monthly Payment: $172
Down Payment: $0

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Residual: 63

Zip Code:75033
Leasehackr Score: 27 yrs

I got mine at Classic GMC in Carrollton.
PM me for Sales Person info

Your title says $172/month but your calculator shows $72. What gives?

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Can someone post the lease sheet showing details or know a dealer in tri state that will match?

No one will be able to match now. This deal hinged on incentives that expired on April 2nd. You can still get decent deals on the GMC Terrain but the incentives are going to be $1k to $2k lower.

I feel like every single post you make is asking if someone knows a dealer in the NYC area that will match. Have you reached out to any at all?

If you look at my calculator link, it shows $2780 drive off.
In my post i mentioned 0 down

So i rolled up the drive off into my monthly payment.
i paid $0 down (not even TTL) rolled everything into the monthly payment.

Dealer mentioned some issues with one-pay even though i specifically asked for it. Could have saved some more, but hey for $172 in Texas, i will take this deal!

When did you get this deal? I’m assuming the incentives also included conquest?

Of course I have. No dealer so far is touching this whether it was last week or today. There’s a reason most of these deals are coming from Texas area.

Yes includes conquest
Classic GMC/Buick at Carrollton TX

It is usually the other way around. Hard to find deals in TX

I mean how hard is this?
Car has an MSRP of 29.5k
Your only job is to reduce that by 7-10% which is not too hard

7400$ rebates for mostly everyone. Although you might not get a $500 rebate since it might be region specific

Apart from that all numbers are GMC’s incl residual and MF

Why is this so hard ?
Eventually you might end up 5-10$ more a month but that is it

I didn’t get any magic 5k$ incentive or anything

Texas has extra lease cash. Has for over a year now.

I’d be interested. i’m in Dallas area, can you please PM me details about dealer and salesman.

Tim Norris
Classic GMC/Buick Carrollton TX
Cell: 817-773-2371
You can use my name - Harish
I got it March 21

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is the price $172 inclusive of taxes?

look at the title of the post. “0 down - Incl taxes rolled in”

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