GMC Acadia SLT help please!

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where did you find this info? most dealership websites are awful to navigate

Op this would be my goal. Use the search and look for recent deals as a guide. If you have supplier see what you can get first and then see how much dealer it gets you (be prepared for the line we cannot go below supplier which is bs).

Check out Freehold. They have almost the exact same one on the lot.

Cargurus is my goto, although you need to prepare to be redundant with Autotrader and other sites because you won’t necessarily find everything listed on one site.

Did you check Denali trim?
A few months ago they had better incentives and residuals were higher. Pretty much all Denalis are built the way you want.

Yeah looks like that one in Freehold is the same one, thanks. I am not sure we can get the gm supplier discount. Wife works for a school but not a teacher and former UPS employee and now work for family business.

Yeah we got an offer for a Denali with bench seats but in the $480 range.

Based on online data, invoice less holdback for Acadia SLT AWD is around 4.7% off MSRP. At an offer of 10% off MSRP, you are asking the dealer to take a loss of ~$2,483 on this unit. I just don’t see any data to reasonably support a 10% target on this. I’m all for using it as a starting point in negotiations, but any discount greater then 4% is a win.

Vw atlas SEL has 360 cameras also. I hear you , it’s hard to go away from it. I had back to back Infiniti’s with it also FX35 and then QX60, my wife was so used to it. But I just could not Do another Infiniti as just like you the qx 60 was same for 10 years. I got into a highlander limited and other then the surround view cameras the vehicle works well for our needs.

In a vacuum, yes. In an environment where a dealer might be net positive from other deals and able to absorb a loss chasing a goal, then shoot your shot. I haven’t heard if or how things have changed for GM dealers recently, but in the past Flex Cash/Dividends were always a Leasehackr’s friend.

Someone got close to 10% on an Acadia in New England about 20 days ago. There was a deal that was done in July that was 20% (!?!?!?!) off. Both were SLE trims, but my experience is that percentages CAN hold across trims, especially if you are persist and confident in your numbers. Keep in mind that an SLT trim should have more padding than an SLE due to the increased options. Only way to know for sure is to shop around.

I presume you are referring to this deal:

EDIT: I was corrected that this lease is via GM Financial. It does appear to be a 8.1% off deal.

I presume this is the July deal

Alot of tack on fees in this deal and we don’t see the lessor or the MF charged. Poster would not disclose the dealer, somebody else figured it out and could not reproduce. Also out of region for the OP.

Here is another reference

In this case the poster claims to get 6.8% and nobody else came close – that sounds right to me. This looks like a GM financial deal, in the same regional market as OP. Probably the best comparable we can find, but short of 10%. If we assume the OP could reproduce this discount, it would be an additional savings of $1500.

I’d poast my Acadia but it was over two and a half years ago :joy:

Point me to a Atlas SEL premium at $2500 due at signing with $465 then I am all in.

ACAR Leasing was listed as the Lessor. That’s GM Financial. I might be wrong on this, but there was a time where Automakers themselves were getting hit with lawsuits on leased cars after accidents due to it technically being “their” property, versus a traditional financed vehicle with a title being held by a bank. Hence you don’t see GM themselves on the registration, but a holding company now.

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Didn’t know that, so I stand corrected.

If you got your Sierra through GMF they are probably listed in the paperwork and/or registration somewhere, particularly for insurance purposes.

Sounds like any school employee can qualify, not just teachers.

Thanks so much for the help.

Did you look at the Buick enclave, it’s slightly bigger and leases better or at least it did in May when I was looking for a 7 seater.