Deal Check: 2020 GMC Acadia AWD SLE

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Got a deal all but signed right now with a dealer in Northern NJ. Looking for verification that this is a good deal.

MSRP: $40,135
Sale Price: $37,411.81
MF: .00054
RV: 55%
36mo / 12k

Gross Cap Cost (after $695 acquisition fee): $38,106.81
Cap Cost Reduction (rebates / incentives) : $4,550 <This figure includes educator and existing lease discounts.
Adjusted Cap Cost: $33,556.81
Zero Down

$2,073.82 Due at signing (Taxes and fees)
First month payment waived due to GM COVID program

I’m pretty confident I got a good deal here, but some validation from the pros would be nice! Please share your thoughts on this one!

MF is relatively low. Why not roll the DAS in and do first payment DAS? 10% is usually a good target on GM products, so discount seems a little weak

I’m at 6.8% right now and other dealers in the area haven’t even come close to that.