2020 Acadia SLE-1 lease


Just got home today with this car. Monthly with tax is 288 with first month waived. So 35 payments. Not a penny down. Been leasing for 20 years and by far best deal I have ever had. Sure you all have had better but wondering what everyone’s thoughts are. Said I wasn’t interested in the car (true) but if payment was cheap for sign and drive I would do it.

This photo is pre detail. Didn’t take one yet but they cleaned it. image

MF unknown because with price I didn’t ask and didn’t care. They would not fill the gas tank. May be indicative of deal. They never once did a bait and switch or tried anything funny.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 GMC Acadia SLE-1
MSRP: $36,745
Monthly Payment: $267 (pre tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10k
MF: unknown
Residual: 19,071
Incentives: 4250 plus discount of 7,444
Region: Florida
Leasehackr Score: 11.9 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Deal seems pretty good. Can you share dealers info. I’m also in Florida.

Nice work!!!

I don’t know how they gave around 20% off pre incentive, don’t see that often with GMs.

Can you look at your contract and see how they got to the selling price? I agree that’s a huge discount in any environment.

Yeah I’m highly suspicious of the details of this deal. I haven’t seen a selling price on a non-demo below GMS in ages. It’s possible dealer threw some flex cash at it but seems kinda unlikely in this environment…but who knows.

Takes 60 seconds to find selling price, incentives and back calculate MF from the contract. Please post the details to help others.

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Something doesn’t add up???
With incentives and discount the car is $25,000 your rersidual is $19,071? and your payments for 36 are $9,000 then the numbers don’t add up… When I got my 2019 Equinox MSRP $31000 Down to $25,000 One Pay $5K-my residual is $20,000

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Fees/tax bring to 28. See below

Gotcha, that makes more sense then :money_mouth_face:

Wondering what the “NON TAX FEES” are for $852.50 ???

Impressive especially in FL.

Me too but they met my price so like I said above didn’t care how they got there

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Super good deal! Are you able to share dealers info? If not that is ok! Just asking!

Prefer not to because I will be trying this again in 36 months. Also they have no other SLE available now so your not missing out

i’m not the person who asked, but seriously?


The dealer name is posted in the lease sheet if you look closely enough :eyes::eyes:


You are very good at this

Geez. That’s an insane deal. Congrats!!!

I don’t see it?