GM recalling Bolts for potential battery issue

So I have now been assigned a repurchase coordinator and provided photos of my 2020 and all the additional docs. Now we are just waiting for my 2023 which was ordered August 5. I did ask my coordinator Bridget about the possibility of the remedy for the 2020s coming before my actual order arrives. She told me that this does not void my SOC process and I will have a choice to get my replacement battery or my new 2023. Good news if all true.

Received this letter & check via FedEx



Congratulations! So just to clarify, when you did the SOC you kept your original one pay lease and substituted your New VIN for the OLD, correct?

Did GM send the check directly to you or to the dealer?

Directly to me

Yes that is correct

GM sent( FedEx) the check directly to my home.

Thanks for the confirmation. Just did my SoC today, dealer said it should come directly to me, but wasn’t 100% sure.

Consider yourself very lucky. GM supervisor told me leases and SOCs do not qualify for the compensation, and that anyone who did get a check would be an error on their part.

Did you get an offer from your repurchase coordinator? Also, note that the rules vary by state. I appeared to be compensated for the fact that the replacement vehicle has a lower MSRP than the original.

No, this is different. The price difference during SOC is not paid out in CA due to lemon law differences. What I was responding to was GM giving compensation for the MSRP price reduction that the Bolt and Bolt EUV had.

Some people were lucky enough to get the compensation check after SOC and with a lease.

NJ resident completed SOC from leased 2020 Bolt EV to 2023 Bolt EUV. Swapped cars at a south jersey dealer this afternoon.
The dealer confirmed that I will be receiving a check for 6500 which is the MSRP difference between old and new.


Hi…I was told by my rep for California…I would not receive difference in the MSRP. I’m doing a swap from Bolt EV 2020 into Bolt EUV 2023 which is about 6K cheaper. Are you in CA? Or another state? Any advice/help would be appreciated. My car arrived to dealership so they are moving quickly on this.

I’m in NJ and the state Lemon Laws may be different. I’ve heard similar anecdotes from CA residents claiming that they do not receive the MSRP difference.

Seems like its been mixed with a majority of people being told NO on leases for the MSRP reduction check.

I’m in VA and received a check for the difference in MSRP after my swap, but getting this MSRP reduction check would be the icing on the cake.

Was the GM supervisor from the EV hotline or a different source?

AFAIK, CA don’t receive any compensation for MSRP difference.

It was the EV concierge line. The first rep didn’t know so she passed me over to her supervisor who told me leases and SOCs do not qualify for the compensation for the MSRP drop that happened.

Just got my SOC offer today. Replacing my 2020 Bolt Premier with a 2023 EUV Premier with Sun and Sound, Super Cruise and almost all the other optional accessories. Grand total of $4,800 back to me for the “downgrade”, as the offer letter stated. When my lease is done at the end of September next year, GM will have effectively paid me $133/mo to drive not one, but two of their cars and will also give me the option to buy this one I’m swapping into for around 40% off MSRP. What a country, or I guess state, thanks to the Charge Up NJ program.


I was JUST thinking of asking you how things were going. Thank you for sharing - Bravo and congrats on the excellent outcome!!! What was your Premier’s mileage when it was captured to start the SOC?

If I remember correctly it was about 10k miles? No usage deduction was calculated or charged though. It was very simple, just MSRP of the original car minus MSRP of the new one.

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