GM Financial billing error


I’ll try and condense this as much as I can. I just came across this and need to know what avenues I should be going down to rectify asap.

July 2019 I receive a bill from GM Financial for my normal lease payment + $257 in taxes. I pay it. Next month, August I receive a bill for $0. I chat with their online rep and they say the tax payment was applied incorrectly and they will investigate, so I make a payment anyways. September, same thing, bill for $0, chat with rep, we will investigate, you are current you do not need to make a payment. October rolls around receive a bill for normal amount, I carry on and think nothing more of it.

Lease matured in March, I was able to call in and get lease extension for 2 months (they wouldn’t do this if delinquent right?). I make two more payments, then on may 18th just as I am about to turn in vehicle I receive an email saying I am 25+ days past due. I immediately check account and sure enough it’s asking for a payment +$67 late charge. Chatted with a rep online after waiting on phone hold for 30 minutes getting nowhere, I could still scroll up and see all of my past chat conversations where I had inquired on 2 different occasions about the billing errors. They would not confirm if they could see this or not. The rep assured me they hadn’t reported anything delinquent to credit bureaus but that the amount was due, which I was willing to pay but felt the late fee was not my fault since I had tried to contact them on this issue several times. All they could do was submit a complaint for later contact… So I paid the amount due that day and moved on and shortly after turned in the vehicle.

Today, I am interested in refi my mortgage so I am checking things out and notice my score has dropped almost 100 points! I log in to transunion and sure enough GM Financial is reporting 1x 30+ days late. I just leased a vehicle in April and my credit pull was 766 and what Im seeing now is 680… literally made me sick to my stomach.

Aside from contacting GM financial what are my next moves to get this rectified?


File a dispute with transunion. They can rectify it from their end by contacting GM. Also call GM financial to see if you can get it fixed in their end.

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Thanks. Checked and it’s on all 3 bureaus. Went ahead and disputed online with them all. Waiting on GM financial customer service to open.


Don’t you have your leases on auto pay?

I use autopay on my mortgage, utilities and such. I haven’t on auto loans in the past because I would usually pay more towards principal each month and I guess that habit of paying it myself each month carried over to lease accounts. Me logging in and having to pay each month was how I caught their billing errors for 3 months straight. Had it been setup to autopay when/what’s due through their service it was billing $0 July, August and September 2019. The resolution here would be to setup an auto pay amount and date through your financial institution directly. My current auto lease is already setup this way so I can avoid this in the future.

FWIW I couldn’t reach anyone at GMF today.

I’ve got autopay on my GM account and all my cars, probably been like that forever. Never had an issue ever. I feel like if it’s on autopay and they screw up, it’s more on them. I just can’t be bothered to pay things manually, I do like through everything and make sure there’s nothing off.

I was able to reach two chat reps and they refuse to remove the mark. Stating the account has been one month behind since September.

I will call Monday to try and speak with someone but it seems like they’re not going to budge. I am hoping the dispute with the three bureaus can resolve.

I had a very similar experience last year when I extended a lease. About two months after I turned it in I got a call from GM collections for a payment I missed and low and behold a 30 Day late on my credit. After trying to explain that I made all the payments they attempted to explain that when I turned the car in a payment was due on turn in day. That would be a first, my 38 month lease with 39 payments. The rep had no idea and was trying to justify it.

Long story short I agreed to pay the payment if they removed the late from the credit report. After 5 months of constant calls I finally got a letter with a check for the extra payment back to me and a promise to fix credit. This started in July and was finally fixed in November.

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Had a similar problem with GM Financial. I was on autopay and it got cancelled because of a sales tax increase that caused my monthly lease payment to go up by a whopping $1.03!!! :joy: .Long story short, GM Financial stopped my auto pay without letting me know and caused a ding in my credit score. I tried to fix the problem directly with GMF to no avail. I filed a complaint with the BBB and I am waiting for a resolution. If that does not workout I will file a dispute with the credit bureau. I did some research and it seems better to file a credit bureau dispute via certified mail than online.

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Wow one late payment causes credit score to drop so much! Incredible.

Jeez that’s ridiculous, I’m going to keep a closer eye on my account. Tax changes usually occur on the 1st of the year

In this particular instance it happened in november.

Just got an email alert that credit report was updated and now they’re reflecting a 60 day on Equifax. I can see from others experience this is going to be a battle. How ridiculous.

On second thought I exaggerated this. The credit monitoring service I use had pulled me at a 728 in March. Same one shows 689 currently. What I was looking at originally is the credit app sheet where I just leased my last vehicle pulled a 766 score, which was through another bureau. But still quite a drop.

Woah this is crazy. Second case I have seen mentioned after someone reported something similar due to differed payments with BMW financial.

OP, you should be able to pull up payments history for last 2 years right ? At least that should be good proof that all payments were made and on time as well.
GM financial customer service isn’t the best on phone, but unfortunately that may be the only source you should use and maybe ask for a supervisor. I haven’t had great customer service from chat reps myself.

As an aside, a number of Equifax’ consumer-facing products provide off-brand scores, which are worthless.

If those aren’t FICO scores, I sincerely hope you aren’t paying for the monitoring service.

Here’s the disclaimer you’ll find on a lot of their products:

The Equifax® credit score and 3-bureau credit scores are based on the Equifax credit score model. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and will not use the Equifax credit score or 3-bureau credit scores to assess your creditworthiness.

I have a similar problem with my previously leased Volt. There was an issue regarding my autopay, then after it is fixed, GMF website showed that I have no payment left halfway though the terms. Called GMF, the support was not happy taking my call thinking I was wasting their time for a lease that is already paid for. The recommendation is not to pay anymore. I am not the kind of person who would get a free ride if not deserved. Therefore I kept making the required payments. Lord and behold, at the end of lease, GMF said I owed $1500 in back payments, so I asked them to prove it, then it was lowered to $1,000, still I asked them to show me proof. It’s been 2 months and I still have not received the proof that I owed GMF $1,000.
I was being courteous and respectful the entire time. I didn’t say much except asking them one simple question. “How much do I owe GMF if I have been paying the required payments every month through autopay that you have access to look at?”. So far the answers back from GMF supports were universal, "Obviously there is an error. We will figure it out and let you know "

Class action lawsuit!

I had a similar issue with GM Financial in February. Late charge for a vehicle that was grounded in December.

My credit score took a 100 point hit on a Saturday, but before I got a chance to contact them (Monday), the billing system must have updated itself.

Monday morning the late remarks were removed from my credit report, and my scored bumped back up 100 points.


In the process of refinancing a house. Credit bureaus are reporting that my closed GMF account / lease return from Feb 2019 is still open (no late remarks). GMF stated that closed account was reported to bureaus in July, and I need to dispute it with the bureaus.