GM Dealer Challenges, Yukon & Tahoe ... Lease Transparency?

*Update - finally found a dealer that gets it! Got the deal done and took delivery today :+1:

Hey guys, I am in the Dallas TX area and looking to lease either a new 2021 Yukon or Tahoe for my wife. I’m a fairly experienced lease negotiator looking for feedback or suggestions.

Anyone know of any “Hackr” friendly GMC or Chevy dealers or consultants in TX preferably North?

So GM appears to be pretty proud of the 21 Yukon and Tahoe and is offering minimal discounts off MSRP if any especially on Yukon. Moreover, my issue is that the lease quote process I’ve been experiencing is highly suspect and lacks any form of transparency. I have yet to get a dealer to provide me with a detailed price quote, despite my multiple requests. Instead, they are simply pushing the summary monthly payment form repeatedly. Is it even legal to refuse disclosure of interest rate?

Of course, the payment is coming back about $150/ month higher than it should be. That in mind, after backing into the numbers they provide it appears they are trying to mark up the MF almost double from the base amount of .00151 despite me cordially explaining that I want and will qualify for a base deal. That’s essentially where negotiations end…

A GM dealer told me they are not honoring supplier pricing and not giving any discounts off MSRP, in addition to the marked up MF, even on a DEMO they wanted almost 6.7% effective APR.

Chevy will provide around a 5% ($3K-$3.5K) discount off MSRP with supplier pricing, but the MF markup is roughly $4500 - $5000 over the base … therefore negating any discounts.

What gives? Is supply and demand that dealer leveraged right now?

If that’s the market, that’s the market. However it sounds like you’re letting dealers play you and wasting a lot of time by soliciting quotes without giving the dealer a clear target.

If you know all of the inputs, why not just write up an offer and send it to every dealer in your region? Seems hard to believe that nobody will do supplier pricing at base MF.


On their lease offer? Absolutely. On the contract? No, they have to include the rent charge (which is can be used to calculate the MF).

I’m with Chris on this one. Write up an offer, send it to them, tell them you’ll be there in an hour to take delivery if the say yes. If they say no, move on.


It’s going to be an ugly lease even with transparency. I had a hard time finding a GM dealer who would honor supplier pricing on a Sierra Denali, so it’s not surprising to hear the same situation on the Yukon. I had better luck w/ Chevrolet dealers but prefer the GMC product.

Have you looked into Rodo? In my area. a 21 Yukon can be found for around 3% to 5% off MSRP with base MF. Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else battle w/ GM.

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Thanks for the response and I agree with your comments on the market being the market, but I find the refusal of transparency to be disheartening. I’ve leased multiple BMW’s, as well as Chrysler, Dodges, Toyota, Honda and never has it been an issue.

Also, I wouldn’t say I’m getting played… nor have I spent a ton of time dealing with dealers to feel played. I’m simply testing waters on market tolerances which I believe is part of the process. I may have lease inputs but haven’t found any reliable information or feedback on local deals, so have to poke a bit to see where hangups are.

Now that I’ve done so, I’ve turned to my fellow Hackr community to see if anyone had these experiences or know of a friendly dealer or broker to help out.

I do like your suggestion on shooting out some offers now that I’ve uncovered what could be.

Appreciate the response, and I had not heard of Rodo but will check it out.


If you email a dealer and ask them ‘what their best offer is’ on a brand new in demand vehicle with low inventory, would you expect them to do anything other than shoot for the moon? :speedboat:

I’m kind of shocked that you’ve leased all of these vehicles and expected transparency and no games in the process :laughing:

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Again, typically when I act like an intelligent human who clearly communicates my asks and expectations… I can find a similarly intelligent human who actually listens and understands my request.

Short of that, I deal with what I’m dealing with… people who literally do not listen or understand.

They don’t have to care because their allocations are probably being sold off the truck to people who don’t even know what an MF is.

You’ve hit the trifecta of “going to lease terribly for a while”

Brand new design :white_check_mark:
Full size :white_check_mark:
In Texas :white_check_mark:


Hahaha… Truth!

I get this, but my spoiled wife, unfortunately, does not… she has herself convinced it’s the only vehicle that would possibly work for our family :roll_eyes:

She’s also bluffing me hard saying if we can’t get that it’s another minivan. I offered her a $90k X7 and she turned it down complaining it doesn’t have enough space. #Husbandproblems

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Call her bluff


100%. This all day long at half the price.


This isn’t a car they have to give away in Texas right now.

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X7 with a trailer. Let’s go.


They’ll send you the “best offer” right away. Note that “best” here means best to them.


Everyone knows the best strategy for buying a car is to walk up on the showroom like you’re swinging a full size subway and slap the hood or trunk of the car closest to the tower and yell “Who wants to sell a car today?!”


Don’t forget to tell them to “give you their best price!”

This is actually how my grandfather used to negotiate cars.


In any another state that’s a great solution. In Texas I say look at which brands have tax credits

If none exist right now, Ford has 0% APR for 60 months on the Expedition. Amortizing that hideous full tax over 60 months at 0% APR rather than 36 months at a fully marked up MF feels less horrible


Just to be clear… at no point have I asked any dealers for their “Best Offer” :laughing: This is a rumor that somehow originated during this chat and is now being taken as reality.

I specifically explained the lease term I wanted, the incentives and pricing that I qualify for, what Base MF is and that my credit will qualify for base MF and that is all that I am willing to accept. They say great…and when I ask them to please put the numbers on paper for me so that I can confirm before I drive my butt down there they say absolutely. Then when they show me the numbers that are on another planet.

Then Groundhog Day ensues …


Exactly!!! We literally only need all 3 rows with cargo space 1-3 times a year for road trips!