GM Dealer Challenges, Yukon & Tahoe ... Lease Transparency?

Roof box or tailgate on an X7 would fix that…

There’s a method to the madness. :grin:

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But see… you are speaking logically

My wife speaks emotion, logic no comprendo

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See, you say that, but what they’re hearing is “what’s your best offer?”

Give them a specific number and say this is my offer. If you accept, I’ll be there in an hour to take delivery.


“Thanks Mr. Dealer for the quote sheet, unfortunately the numbers are a bit higher than I’m looking for. Based on the terms discussed in our previous email/conversation, if you can get to $XXX/mo. payment with $XXX DAS I can be in before close of business today to take delivery.”

Qualifying for Tier 1 rates has no correlation to a dealer leasing a vehicle at base money factor. They have the right to mark it up as high as the market will tolerate (within legal margins, of course). The dealer may mark up the money factor over buy rate no matter what tier a client qualifies for.

Jeff----- You just summarized my mention of Groundhog Day

Being direct is being lost in translation, and often the employees admit they themselves don’t understand how a lease quote works. So the conversation is repeated over and over like a bad dream.

I had one guy tell me “Your presence is your leverage” to which I replied, “No my presence is the dealer’s leverage”.

I think this is a brand process issue personally.

Markup is 5-6% on this line.

Buy rate is .00154 on Premier.
Invoice deal coming up low 900’s for me based on a 67K car. Meh…

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I sent you a PM,
May be able to give you some pointers I can’t/shouldn’t post publicly.

Most sales people have zero idea of how a lease works, this is definitely not unique to Chevy or GM. But they damn well understand when you say you’ll be in to sign today if they can get to $XXX payment with $XXX DAS.

This is why I never bother getting into the weeds with the lease terms with sales people, just a simple payment and DAS offer.

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At that point the problem shifts to “I sell these for $xxx more /mo every day”

Know what invoice is, what your incentives are at point of and post sale and don’t be afraid to trade a little rate for discount, especially in states where you’re taxed on the sales price vs monthly.

This also helps you out when you want to trade in or sell vs traditional lease return.


As updated in the top of the post, I finally found a dealer that gets it and was willing to work with my request. Honestly, probably one of the easiest transactions that I ever completed from start to finish including signing with finance. No BS, no hidden charges, no up-sells, just straightforward… and the only one who ever gave me the detailed price quote to confirm my numbers.

Wife got her truck and is happy!

Thanks to the Hackr members here who offered advice and listened to me whine a bit :laughing:

Talking to the finance guy he said they rarely ever do leases, which seemed to be half the problem at the other dealerhisps. They just didn’t get it!

Post the details in a new thread in the Shared Deals sub


Yep, will do :+1:

I know its a little smaller, but the caddy XT6 is leasing pretty well RN, its not full size but has 3rd row and is fairly roomy

Yes, I tried getting my wife to look at the XT6 as well, along with the Acadia and Traverse. Nope

Oh well, I delivered now so she’s happy and I won’t lie the Yukon is really nice :+1:t2:

Plus now I have an excuse to get a coupe :wink:

Congrats!! Please post the full details of your shared deal to help others :slight_smile:

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This would warrant its own thread if true… start a new topic with the info

Seems like Texas dealers are doing well for themselves. I too have been searching for another vehicle (2020 model) with tons of online incentives and rebates, but the dealer doesnt want to budge off msrp and instead like to use the rebates/incentives to negotiate off the msrp. I have had dealers refuse true car (20% off msrp) in the area. To clear confusion, I am looking for a 2020 chrysler pacifica limited fwd v6 NONhybrid. Sorry to go off track. I might have to have the van shipped from california or northeast region.

You do realize that true car pricing is 1) useless and 2) includes rebates/incentives, right?