GM/Chevy Asian Conqest Rebate?


has anyone heard of this rebate being back for 2019??? I leased a 2017 Cruze 2 years ago, and my lease is up. I need to lease another car for work ASAP, and had an amazing deal of $69 per month for 24 months/12k miles on a Cruze LT.

I know I will probably never get that deal again, but something around $125 per month for a work car would be fantastic!

No asian conquest for march. :frowning:

Wow sucks guess no good leases for a cheap work car

Yup. My $80 malibu expires in 10 days and got it during the asian conquest. The best quote i got from a dealer over the weekend was $200 for an equinox and that is for 36 months.

Going to call gm for an extension.

Confirmed that AC is not happening at $3k CCR. Closing thread. Thanks all.