Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

Only Hoping for $3k!

I was hoping for $30k with a stretch wish of $60k.


Are vette leases any good? Hear they are not selling well.

i’ll post up new programs tomorrow. on the end of the month push as everyone tries to make it in before midnight :slight_smile:

I have a GM supplier code. I didn’t realize my company had one. Can you post Tahoe 4x4 Premier leases with GM supplier code? Thank you.

email me
it’s not an in-stock unit so I’ll need more info. I don’t post deals for cars I don’t have in stock.

Do we know is Asian conquest is back yet or no?

showing it on a purchase, not compatible with supplier, so far.
digging through leases, not showing it yet.
0% for 72 on Bolt EV’s will be fun.

every time they offer it on purchases they offered it on leases no? Thanks for the insight!

Not necessarily true, many captives have differing incentives according to finance versus purchase so it’s probably not a good idea to assume.

so far there’s a lot of new purchase cash, extra CCR, but not conquest CCR specifically. this will take me a while to sort through. all 2018 lease support is done except Volt. but no one has those.

Thanks for nothing GM!!

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It’s not nothing, it’s something but just not like last year.

Autobytel has the March rebates posted. For the Trax lease it looks like $2k plus $1.5k incentives for either loyalty or comp.

the programs are so complicated and particular that idk how i’m going to share deals :thinking: there’s like 4 different scenarios per car, per term, by lease purchase or 0%.


Give us the top 3 unicorns, any vehicles.

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LOL i just tried to put that together… i’m like at …

mess. okay. i’ll be loading it like this.

UGH so no asian conquest this year for leases? Confirmed?


Hi @chevysalesgirl, I am in the ny/nj tristate area and i found the suv that I am interested in, 2019 Traverse 2LT(RS) AWD, Graphite. I have an existing lease with Honda and I have the gmsupplier discount from my job. Through the gmsupplier discount web page I get the following price for this suv:

Base MSRP†. $45,700.00
MSRP as Configured†. $49,045.00
GM Supplier Discount Price** $46,957.90
Consumer Purchase Cash *** -$500.00
GM Supplier Discount Price After Offer†. $46,457.90

If I look through your spreadsheet Unicorns March, the price for a premier is $48,915 for 36, and with discounts non-gm lease, ANY SUPPLIER (+$15/month loyalty) I would be at 535$ payment. I assume that payment does not include tax. Is there a way I can calculate what the cost would be for the above mentioned car? Thanks in advance.

but if you have gmsupp site code, there’s extra rebate.

Is that the pin that they say I need to generate?