Glitchy scrolling on iPhone

Recently I’ve noticed some annoying scrolling issues while reading forum topics on iPhone. Sections of content get skipped over when scrolling up and down. I think it’s advertising or picture loading that causes it. Anyone else experiencing this?


I believe what you are describing happens only when you are on a topic list page (i.e. the homepage, the category page). If so it is probably caused by the ad on the top of the list not loading soon enough until after you have scrolled down. When it loads, the ad container pushes all the content below it down, therefore making the page look like it is moving asynchronously as your scroll.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m noticing it in several places within threads. Scroll up and down slowly on this example…

I’m having the same issue as well on all pages.


Could you make a screen recording? I am having trouble replicating the issue and would like to understand the matter deeper.

Same issue, tried chrome and safari, does it for both. I don’t think it’s the ads loading bc I gave it plenty of time and happens multiple times in the same thread. I assume it is something with the ads though

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I captured a recording but how do you post it?

Upload it to a cloud drive or to a video host like Vimeo or Youtube if it is not too onerous? Thanks!

It’s the same problem here as well. In threads, it’s very difficult to slowly scroll, it will bounce up and down randomly into the thread as ads load.

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Was able to recreate and place on Vimeo, I scroll smoothly and it jumps to random places in the thread, either up or down from where I was scrolling. Hard to follow where I’m reading.


Yes! Exactly. Glad it wasn’t just me.

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I’m thinking it’s because of the new Ads they introduced. It’s glitchy on my desktop but no where near as bad because of the display size.

I don’t believe it’s the ads. I am experiencing the issue too even though I don’t get ads. My guess is that is software related because we have been having other oddities with the forum software (like threads getting locked mysteriously without any system record.) :confused:


Yeah I have the same issue it rubber bands it around and keeps you locked in the same place.

Makes phone viewing of the forums almost unbearable/impossible :weary:

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Going thru the same issue its so frustrating… the comment I want to read keeps getting scrolled up :disappointed:

I’m having the same issue.

What phones is this happening on?

I haven’t seen any glitch scrolling on my end.

IPhone models

Mine stopped doing it like a month ago.

I am not sure what is causing the glitchy scrolling. Pinging @tech_crew for help!