Glad I found Leasehackr...... BUT

I really don’t want to go back and edit this entire thing, it was pointed out to me that I mis-used the term hackr vs broker! All my comments here are towards the BROKERS. So keep that in mind when you read this!

I am not new to leasing, but I am definitely new to the art of hacking (which in the end really appears to be a connection between a person and a set of dealers, which is fine with me, I really don’t care as long as I get a good deal.) Wish I found it a long time ago.

I did finally find what I believe to be the best deal (and deals are not ALWAYS about money).

The car business is ruthless, the hackrs in my opinion are car sales people (or lease people :slight_smile:)

I started out looking for a car the traditional way (contacting dealers, I never go there anymore, all over email). That is when a friend of mine was actually in a process here to get a car, so he told me to give it a try.

I found the brokers that advertised the vehicle that I wanted, and I read their reviews, checked social media if they had any. Have to do research on my end just like any type of deal that you make. NO ONE MAKES A BLIND DEAL! Well an informed person does not. In reading the hackrs pages and comments everyone strives to say that they will help out anyone that asks questions. Some did, some didn’t. Some ignored simple questions, some gave one word answers, some only answered with LH Calculator links.

Being a LH virgin, I had no idea what was really going on. I wish that the hackrs would give more explanation of everything, or there was an FAQ here about basics, for example with all the acronyms that are used. I had to figure out what an MSD or DAS was on my own. Then seeing quotes with MSD not knowing anything about them.

I may be wrong, but if you are not asking multiple people for multiple quotes then you are not really buying properly. I found that each hackr may have a favorite dealer they deal with. They may not have the car that I want. Yes they may have the base model in their list, but not the packages that I want.

Here is my BUT part:
I think that hackrs still need to act professionally, you guys are hiding behind a computer, or phone, yes we may know a name but it is not like walking into a dealership and seeing someone face to face. Most contact is simply through PM on here, until you make an actual deal.

What got me is when I got a PM from someone saying that basically I should not be messaging his competitor (I posted in a public thread). Then after I write a review I get another PM with not so nice things said about the person I bought from.

I made a decision to purchase from my hackr for many reasons, but in the end it was still a better price.

So if the hackrs read this please take away these few things that I found out:

Answer PM’s in a timely fashion, if a PM is sent it is very easy to see when the last time you were on if you posted publicly. The PM can be even something very simple “I will get back to you in the morning” UNLESS you have specific hours that you keep and are posted somewhere (you can always copy and paste that information into your posts)

If you tout that you will help anyone, even if they don’t buy, then you should do that. You won’t know if that person buys until either they by from you, or you see a review that they bought with someone else, or they just tell you they are not buying. If a person asks a question then answer it. Something as simple as “Is this a 36/10 lease or a 30/10” I have to say I asked that question and it was ignored.

Keep it professional, bashing of other hackrs really should not happen.
You should promote yourself not bash others!

In the end I will definitely be coming back to LH and I have a few friends that are in the market, and now that I have been through it I can attest for it.

Google works well for this and other abbreviations that are unknown.

People are busy and sometimes things fall through the cracks. People are only human and humans make mistakes. Most of the time, the answers to the questions are in the posts themselves, but people don’t read closely enough to find the answer.

There is an FAQ link at the top of the page. It’s called “Leasing 101.”

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Are you talking about brokers?

Hackrs and brokers are not the same thing.


This. And this is the distinction I’m having trouble with. Everyone who joins here is a Hackr, right? This is a crowd-sourced platform. Trusted Hackrs are the mods here. Brokers and Dealers are, well, Brokers and Dealers.

Of the first two groups? We are not full-time employees of leasehackr, though I’m sure at least a few of us wish that were the case. Most of us have full-time jobs in a myriad of industries that support this habit. The time we spend here helping others is in our spare time.

The third? Many brokers and dealers get hundreds of messages a day through various communication channels. Most specify clearly in their first post each month the best way to get in contact with them if you’re ready to make a move as it will help them sift through the noise.


I don’t disagree with finding information, which is how I found it. But having something on here like an FAQ with all the details would make LH a one stop shop.

Yes things fall through the cracks, it was just a suggestion. If a message was sent and no response after hours and hours knowing that the person is online. Can make a customer go elsewhere.

Just constructive criticism.

NOPE, I am NOT a hackr. I am a customer, I never said that I was a hacker.

If I mis-used the wording then I apologize, my entire post was for the BROKERS.

I will go back and edit. My comments were no way aimed at the people that work simply on the forum.

And yes, they all say to PM them. And then there is no response, which is my point exactly.

Yes I am going to go back and make a correction

Not true. Some say to text or email

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None of the brokers I was in contact with had that option. I can only comment on the brokers I dealt with.

no one should be taking any offense to any of this. It is constructive criticism. Alex, I didn’t deal with you, so I do not know how you deal with your customers.

I do not want to call out the brokers I dealt with in public. Because my dealing with them may be different than others.

Just wanted to make some points that I saw that could make this entire process better than it is.

I don’t know that a person who literally doesn’t know MSD from DAS is in a position to offer process improvements on hacking leases.



There is that page that you pointed out, but there is also

Which is on the FORUM.

why not have a FAQ in there:
COMMON Terms used in leasing:
DAS: Due at signing
MSDS Multiple Security Deposits
and so on

Much of this info is available here, and shouldn’t need to be spelled out for every new member that joins. As @BoardWalkNJ mentioned google is your friend, so is the search function of this forum.


I do know what it is now, because I researched it.
If you realize I am just making points of stuff that I saw as an ignorant customer. That could make this better.

I am sure that if you were in a process that was new to you, that after you figured something out, you said “wow only if they did this I would not have had to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, and leave the LH website” to find the answer.

I am truly shocked. I really don’t know how to reply. When I first came to the site I was looking for the information about the acronyms, I went to the FAQ assuming that it would be there (because well that would be the place it would be as a frequent question for people who don’t know. WHY WOULD I GOTO the offramp section of the site to find this info?

like other people have said on this thread. there is a search function within the leasehackr platform. you can use that

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Where does it say I am a broker with customers? Nowhere. It rather clearly says that I am a trusted hackr.

I realize that information is not spoonfed to me 24/7 and that I need to put some legwork in to be able to fully comprehend everything. It happened here when I was new to leasing, with a timeshare, credit card churning, etc.

The acronyms are not unique to this site. While they may be helpful to have in the leasing 101 faq, it isn’t unreasonable to have to go elsewhere to find generic acronyms.

Why would anyone want anyone to go ELSEWHERE, this is my specific point! The point is to keep people on THIS site and not make them go elsewhere.

My previous answer to this

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