Giulia Reliability Issues

Jeez, that is the most stupid of stupid reasons I have heard till this date. Ask them how does a car charge its battery. I’m sure they don’t even know that :joy:

If your car doesn’t start next morning I bet the battery is going thru a parasitic drain. If you drive the same day. Stop and then drive the same day after an hour without any issue, alternator might not be the cause but the circuit is draining the charge somewhere. I don’t know where Alfa Romeo hire their techs from but u should file a lemon law suit. That is absolutely outrageous lies in the history of mechanics of how an alternator works.

Is that on the invoice? Feel free to publicly ridicule them. I bet Jalopnik would love to hear about it.


Typical FCA crap. I stopped taking the wife’s Jeep to any of the local dealers bc of the lies, upsells and markups they kept trying.

If you want to test, disconnect the alternator overnight and then plug in next morning, if the car is still dead, parasitic drain. If it is not dead, it could be a faulty alternator diode and you can isolate the issue to the alternator. Now I don’t own an Alfa so I haven’t seen the hood. But since the car is in warranty, I’d go for a lemon lawsuit and like another hacker said, redicule them lol

Hahaha…that’s funny. Tesla fans will defend it to their graves.

Depending on the state you’re in (although probably true of all states), the manufacturer gets 4 failed attempts at a significant problem before the Lemon Laws kick in.

It’s the time spent in the shop within certain period, as far as I know from NY. May be different depending on state laws.

that’s horse crap. i would contact alfa customer service and tell them about your case and have them resolve the issue. if gem battery truly requires this kind of babysitting, they should be covering the cost of replacement batteries from a true battery brand that doesn’t pee itself if it doesn’t picked up every couple of hours.

I had a detailed discussion with them yesterday. They are asking me to change the settings in the car where even after you turn it off, the electronics remain powered on for 20 mins. I turned that down to 0. I’l keep you posted if issue repeats in 2 months agian.

I leased a 2019 Giulia; it has about 17k miles on it after a year and a few months.

I’ve had numerous issues which is annoying considering it’s brand new and a daily driver that’s just a cruiser. The car is not beat on or abused, just driven how most young adults would also drive the car.

Here’s my list of issues.

5k miles: Rock got stuck in the brake caliper causing a huge grinding noise that made the car not driveable; had to be towed to the dealer and they had to take the brakes apart to remove the pebble. This is probably just a design flaw or bad luck, who knows. It happened on my way home from the gym, 5 min from where I live near no areas that would have more rocks or pebbles than normal. I was charged ~100$.

12k miles: CEL came on, began flashing and my OBD CEL reader said it was misfiring. Towed to dealer and they switched coils (like swapped cyl 3 and cyl 1 coil bc cyl 3 was misfiring) and the issue went away.

17k miles: I have a low oil level, way below minimum level, so either I have a oil leak or faulty sensor. Car is at dealer right now and it’s been there for a few days already.

Also, I’ve had 3 nails get stuck in the rear tires somehow, and none of my other cars have had this issue as I don’t live near any construction or areas that would cause this. I have numerous cars in my driveway with low profile tires and this is not an issue. Car came with bridgestone potenza runflat high performance summers out the factory if that matters.

Lastly, I did not get a loaner for a single one of these times that car was at the dealer. After all of these incidinces, my car has been at the dealership for over 2 weeks total after a year of ownership and counting as I still haven’t gotten my car back. The thing is, Alfa is so new with so few dealers and such terrible reliability (compared to BMW/Audi/Benz who have been mass producing cars for decades) that their service centers are all backed up with cars. They don’t send out loaners or even look at your car for days, and it’s hella annoying.

If you hate car trouble and this is your only vehicle, go lease a new 330i or A4 or C300 as other companies have been in this business for longer. For example, there is 1 Alfa dealer in my county, and there are 5 BMW dealers near me. I’m sure calling those 5 BMW dealers would lead to me finding a dealership that could get me a loaner and look at my car ASAP.

I have had Multiple problems with my Giulia as well. When it was getting fixed or serviced the dealerships didnt offer loaners. the car has a unique look that is the only thing that is good about it.

Always lease two Alfas. That way you can drive one when the other is in the shop.

Well, they are almost cheap enough that you can get away with it. Althu I made the Alfa pay for my rental cars both times, it was just a pain to pick and drop those off. And dealers are so far and few in between and these cars goto the shop so often, it takes them 3-4 days even to take a look at the car.

It always amuses me when I see a post/tread like this. Alfa Romeo has reliability issues? No suprise if you consider that in the whole FCA concern there isn’t a single brand known for quality or reliability.

Unless you consider “J.D. Power initial something” a real thing.

Edit. A few years ago Polish Police bought some Alfa’s to serve as patrol cruisers. Here’s an image of typical one performing patrol service.


Yeah, it’s stories like this that totally turn me off to Alfa. It’s not like any of the European brands have amazing reliability, but they generally have pretty good customer service. If your luxury brand and the car is malfunctioning and will take a few wks to fix, provide a loaner! When one car mag complained to Alfa Romeo about their Giulia’s (either a long-term test, or maybe it was even just about a test car that was malfunctioning so badly that they couldn’t get the usual objective data), Alfa’s response was so arrogant and heinous (basically, “We make passionate cars for passionate drivers who don’t care about something as mundane as reliability”) that I was like, “Good luck w/ that attitude. Hope Alfa tanks to teach them a lesson.” How can you be that stupid w/ PR?


Loved my guilia lease for the first 12 months. I’m in month 20 and in the middle of the buyback process. Always had a loaner and service was much better in one dealership vs. the other but still unreal the number of issues I’ve had.

Love the look, the drive, and curiosity of others but I learned my lesson. Hoping the buyback process is complete by the end of the month and onto my next journey with a little extra money in my account.

Why did the Alfa Romeo owner cross the road? … To pick up the parts that fell off his car.

I turned in the Stelvio lease, no issues in 24 months.

I currently have a Giulia, on month 6, no issues so far.