Giulia Reliability Issues

Giulia - Gee, I understood less incidents awaited

I had the same exact issue with my 2017 Guilia Ti. Electrical issues that needs to be taken to the dealer (sometimes towed). However, after the dealer updated all the codes etc, it’s been working fine…for now.

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sorry to hear. I have 2300 miles on mine and no problems yet. I wouldn’t have bought one though due to unforeseen issues. I got a recall notice on the PCM but not sure if that would be related to your problem. I thought a lot of the software issues were on the 2017’s

People still don’t get it. With these low leases, the aim is to lease 2 alfas. So that way you can drive one when the other is in the shop. Same with Land Rover, Jaguar, Fiat etc
Only lease them when they are cheap lol …


Never got the memo. Dammit.

Going to bet the Giulia and the Hellcat, both go in opposite directions. The Hellcat will hold value well, if not increase in value at some point.

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You may be right…but I’m holding out for this:


Well, he ain’t wrong…


I wonder if FCA will be willing to CPO these things. Hard to imagine the math working out for FCA on a per vehicle basis but they may need to do it to prop up residual value/make the car look better for prospective new buyers.

Electrical issues are such a tough problem because there is no DIY solution. Much rather have a car with mechanical problems than electric Gremlins.

So I got my car back. Apparently I don’t drive enough (20miles round to work) each day to sufficiently charge the battery. Alfa recommends 50mi daily driving to sustain battery (WTF).

Other alternatives include a home charger and a battery tender costing ~$500 (again, WTF)

So someone needs to drive at least 18k miles per year. Somehow I don’t think that’s right.

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Tough to wrap ones head around this answer. Totally insane. I have had a Civic for 10 years. Over those years, I have had periods when I drove everyday and periods when I drove once or twice a week for a total of 20-30 miles per week. I have never had the car not start for me (well maybe once, left dome light on at airport parking lot for 14 days). I guess when you buy a FCA car you have to be prepared to have FCA tell you outlandish lies.

then again, this is the company that designed a car and then realized the engine was going to need to be left half exposed - see Fiat-Abarth 850TC Berlina

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I think you need to find another dealer as well as open a ticket with FCA.

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BS. I may not drive my Volvo for days without any battery issues. Something must have been draining it, maybe the dash cam (if any) or the light in a glove-box (happened to me on the old 850, apparently prev owner spilled something sticky there), etc.

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Did someone actually show you a bulletin where Alfa recommended this? If not, ask to see it. That should be a fun read lol.

The funny thing is that my Volvo dealer was telling me the same thing - that I did not drive my car enough, and even that my car key was draining battery because I left if in the car (which I never did, of course) LOL

Did service offer to sell you blinker fluid too? It’s funny yet scary there’s this much incompetence lol. Makes you feel bad for the guy that buys into the silly diagnosis.

It’s not only incompetence, but also insulting peoples intelligence with their blatant lies :angry: One good technician finally found the problem after 3 or 4 visits.