Giulia Reliability Issues

As some of you may know, I leased a 2018 MY Giulia a few months ago. A couple of my friends pointed out potential reliability issues but I wasn’t worried since I was expecting everything to be covered under warranty during the lease period.

  • 2 months in the lease, I noticed some electrical problems. Once, the central screen went completely blank during drive on the highway. I had to restart the car to resolve the issue.

  • Next day, when I went to work, the car’s screen wudn’t power down when I turned the car off. I had to restart and turn the car off 5 times before the screen properly powered down.

-Next morning, my car was totally dead. Like a huge paperweight. The fob would not even unlock the doors, I had to use manual key to unlock the car. It spent a week at the dealership, they said the battery was dead but not sure about the cause.

  • 2 months ago, yesterday, the same issue appeared. Now, I got a rental from Alfa but I was 90 mins late to work.

I am not saying I don’t love the car, but its hard to feel its a reliable vehicle if it can just stop functioning randomly one morning without any warning or hiccups.

I think this is part of an equation when considering a deal on Alfa/Fiat vehicle. When I tried to negotiate a lease on the Giulia, I weighted whether my Kia would be more reliable than Alfa before everything was finalized. So I went with the devil I already knew.


My stelvio screen stays on the reverse camera for like 30 seconds after going into park. Was your system updated? I ready on the forums that there has been 2 updates already…

I had the same debate. Then I drove a Stelvio and I stopped caring. I also drive a 16 year old Saab, so I’m really just a glutton for punishment.


I’ve only seen 2 cars on fire on the side of a road, both of those were Alfas in England. One was a 147, I think the other was a 159. Both models I still really like, but were notorious for serious issues, especially electrical. They were from a different era, and not a very good one for Alfa unfortunately.

I really like the Giulia and Stelvio, with the competitive pricing I would take them over most of the ‘luxury’ competitors. Hopefully they get real market traction.

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I know what you mean. I didn’t care when I got it. But I kinda also need to be showing up to work on time

Had my 2018 guila 1 week and both headlights had moisture inside them. Dealer had to install 2 new headlights.

MY2018 rwd sport ti

  • Check engine light for low coolant within the first 600 miles. Checked both engine and turbo coolant reservoirs only to discover that their both fine.

  • Fuel door refuses to open on random occasion

  • Car solicits more stares and double takes than any our previously owned AMGs/sports cars

You’re probably heading for a Lemon Law buyback. I don’t know what state you’re in, but most laws are similar. When you qualify, you should have a choice between a pro-rated refund of your lease payments, or substitution of a brand new, similar Giulia into your old lease contract. So maybe a 2020-2021 Giulia with low miles for you to buy out at the end. Or partially refunded payments for the hassle of driving a rental car. In a twisted way, the most economical driving experience…

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I wonder if the guys on the Guilia forums still deny deny deny. They were outright banning people who were reporting issues claiming they were trolls.


Sounds like Tesla fanbois, although they’ve kind of fallen off the map

2018 Giulia base, 5 months in, around 3200 miles, not a single issue so far. Maybe I just got lucky.

Pulling numbers out of my ass, but assuming if 10% of these have issues, that’s still a very high number.

Yeah that’s the dice you roll with an Alfa. You get your cheap lease for a reason.

My brother has a 159 sportwagon (UK) - and loves the damn thing. It cost thousands in warranty repairs when new - and has cost many more thousand out of warranty but he figures he’d still rather put up with that than drive an Toyota or Honda wagon. To each their own I guess.

I do wonder exactly who will be buying Giulia’s or Stelvio’s when they’re 5, 7, 10 years old? I guess many won’t make it that far.

It’s looking like they’ll be bargains of the century by that time. I could see the gulias easily being a sub $15k car in less than 3 years, making it an absolute steal for an off lease for those who are willing to take the risk of an unreliable but amazingly fun car for cheap


Just make sure you get that bumper to bumper warranty :wink:

There are two cars that interest me in a few years on the used car market: (1) The Giulia (2) The Hellcat.

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Same principle behind a V12 Mercedes for $5-10K. Your cost is in maintenance, not purchase. I’m a big believer in having an extended warranty if you own a car, unless you can do the work yourself. Modern electronics is where DIY becomes problematical. Even on a reliable car like a Toyota or Honda, extended warranties are relatively cheap.

Even still, why buy a Giulia or Hellcat when you can lease them so cheap? Take the best years of the car’s life and run.

Because the Stelvio leased better than all of them!

Wait, what…Giulia and reliability issues? Say it isn’t so :slight_smile:

FIAT = Fix it again Tony.
Chrysler = Company has recommended you should learn engine repair
Alfa = A lot of fu*?ing aggravation