Ghibli $1025/mo 36/12

I’ve been narrowing down cars and wanted to test drive a base Ghibli. Pretty much what I expected and they tried to get me to lease it. Really not that much info about Maseratis on here. I saw 20-30% deals in the past - what are people getting lately ??

Anyway hilarious deal

Also Looking at Audi Q8, Range Rover Sport, m340i, and Genesis G70.

I’d take any of the other cars you’re looking at over the Ghibli regardless of the deal.


What he said. :arrow_up:


I hear y’all. The allure in South FL is the brand. Everyone has a BMW/Mercedes/Audi down here.

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Ghibli is a Chrysler


As luxurious and exotic as a Ghibli looks/drives, it’s an FCA product. From your list, if I’m leasing something whose lease payment includes a comma and has a non-0 chance of going from the valet to a flat bed without taking me home*, it’s a Range Rover.

*true story


If you want to keep up with the Joneses, then get yourself a Bentayga. :raising_hand_man:t2:





i mean the jeep grand cherokee’s infotainment and the window buttons from a dodge dart are the luxury standard…


I’m being polite (notice the conjoined adjectives).

The Triton emblem bores me, and the Studio Ghibli monsters are more attractive:

But OP likes it so :man_shrugging:t2:. I don’t pretend my taste is everyone’s…

Jeep stands alone among FCA products (really all cars): no other brand kills more owners in their own driveway when their vehicle is parked and turned off than Jeep :raised_hands:t2::us:


Where I work, one of the 3rd years bought one. He doesn’t get a reserved spot and parks in the overflow, he takes so much s*** for owning one. Also, one of the partners printed out a large Chrysler logo and put it on his windshield.


Looks like a fun place to work.


Man how does he live with himself?


The struggle is real for him! :laughing:

Haha. I love these comments.

I personally think it’s a beautiful looking car with a great sounding exhaust.

If I can get it down to $500-600/month I would strongly consider it. But I really like the new Q8 and RR Sport. If I wanted something with all the features the G70 would be it - but then again if you guys think a Maserati is a Chrysler everything thinks a Genesis is a Hyundai :slight_smile:

Decisions decisions.

:slightly_smiling_face: there you go… not the first time someone has admired the car for the exhaust note.

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This is quite subjective.

Friends had a Ghibli and I was embarrassed to ride in it.

It’s sounds like a 120-decibel fart, minus the poise and grace.

dont even consider this price, get a M340 for $600 a month. if they were equal payments I would get the Ghibli over the M340i though because I am a sucker

Yeah - I’ve worked with a broker on here for an m340i and will go with him if I decide on the BMW. I would go with the Ghibli over the m340 too lol but I don’t think they can get that low.