Getting the car I want at the best price. Not the cheapest lease

I agree with OP. This web site has gone down hill quick with the Nazis and big brothers and Bottom feeders looking for $50 Cruzes. I suggest I launch the vhooloo crystal ball lease hack for dream cars web site …


I know I get bored no matter what, so I just make sure I don’t take a lease for more than 24 months, nor one that can’t be transferred.

I lease for the best value for my basic transportation needs, zero down, under $300 a month, 36/12. (honda acccord ex-l) Then I keep my toys for fun, 1987 911 turbo and 2007 Z4 (insurance is cheap on classics). I see no reason to spend 700x36=25,200 for something I going to sit in stop and go traffic

Can you PM me the dealer details? I can’t get close to this.


It’s good that you feel like you’ve learned a lesson about what you want to get out of this forum. But I’m also impressed that you were willing to sign a 3 year commitment on a stellar luxury vehicle and then get sick of it after a year.

Make sure you actually like the S4 or C43. You already know they lease badly, so if you’re going to lock yourself into another 3 year commitment down the road, your buyer’s remorse will come at a much higher price tag.

No doubt it’s a great car. This should be my biggest problem in life.

This was not my first time leasing and I have never gotten sick of the car in the past. It was however my first time leasing a car that wasn’t on my radar because it was a good deal. I am a meticulous researcher usually I do not make impulse buys. I am glad this happened in a way as Learned a valuable lesson

Agreed it is an amazing car and i’m paying $365 a month. It’s just not very exciting to drive. Like I said this should be my worst problem in life!

Thank. I think your correct I’ve just never got antsy so fast.

Material goods do not provide happiness. There will always be something better out there.

sounds like you want to buy a mustang GT (or even ecoboost with performance package).

Too bad they lease terribly!

I would actually enjoy a 24 month mustang lease haha

Wait. Are you saying that there are people out there who don’t want to change their car after a year?

*confused face


This like a million times. Every car I’ve leased, I’m over it in like a year.

Only car I haven’t gotten sick of yet is the Miata, but it doesn’t get driven as much so, maybe it’s that.

Mabye its time to look at cars like appliances?

This may be the best advice of all.

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To some people, it is. I’m a car guy at heart so it’s tough for me to think like that. Honestly, the reason I got the Miata is because I get to have a car that I wanted without compromising.

So for my second car, I assumed I can easily bite the bullet and get a family car since I have a toddler, but after leasing my last Hyundai, I decided even my second car needs to be something I want. So I got a Tacoma. It’s not the best family car, but it will do the family duties and I really enjoy it…well at least probably for the first year, HA!

  • No expectations for second car.

  • Got a Hyundai.

  • Now has expectations for second car.

Sounds about right :slight_smile: But at least they’re dirt cheap!

Sounds like someone is having a mid-age crisis and wants a 'vette???

OK I really laughed out loud at this one.


How do you go to lease market not knowing which car to lease unless you are a teenager?