Getting the car I want at the best price. Not the cheapest lease

There seems to be this faction on here that chastises people for getting an AMG or an Audi because they lease badly. These people seem to think that the only point of this site is to get the best deal no matter what the car is and you shouldn’t care about the car. I discovered this site in September of last year. I was looking for a sporty sedan but ended up getting an S90 for a crazy deal because of what I learned here. I am now bored with this car and stuck with it for another two years as Volvo leases can not transfer and my pay off is close to 10K above Carvana and Zoom offers.

I have learned a valuable lesson, and that is it’s not a deal if you are not driving a car you enjoy. My next car will be an S4 or C43. I know they “lease badly”. Thank to everything I learned from this site I will be able to get the best deal I can on the car I really want to drive which is I think what most people want from this amazing site. How about we stop chastising people for actually getting a car they want even though better leases are available. Not everyone wants a QX60 or Q60.

Now I have another two years to gather knowledge on this site. Next time I will be armed and ready with everything I need to get the best possible deal on a car I love.


I think its more of getting those cars blindly without knowing all factors and paying beyond what should have been paid. I posted a recent X5 deal here that was not a good deal in my opinion at all. However, for a 2019 at that time was probably best i would have gotten. Nobody chastized at all. In addition, you have to have some thick skin. Cant let every troll on web decide your life choices. Enjoy the volvo. 2 years will be gone quick.

Different buyers, some are payment buyers and some are emotional buyers that want the best deal. Although when you allow emotions to control the deal, you’ll pay more. As a sales person I banked on someone getting emotional about a car because I knew I’d make more money.

I always ask my clients very first thing…”are we chasing the car or the deal”?

You’ve gotta decide if you want the best deal within given price range, or the best deal you can find on a particular car.

Of course who doesn’t want both, but realistically, in most scenarios that doesn’t happen. If someone is itching to get into a loaner 330, it’s a different story. Then you can have your cake and eat it too.


IDK who is to blame if a small fraction of users from an obscure website make your life choices for you.

Did you even drive the car before you bought it?


People will often remark when there are factors like the brand or model trim that will be destined for a bad lease but I highly doubt/rarely see anyone try to tell a sports car leaser they should get a Volvo or Infiniti instead. LH is really about maximizing the value in a car lease and some cars just don’t work out that way.

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Why the condescending attitude? Did you read my post? There were two different thoughts. The first one was that I got a great deal on a Volvo because of this site. It was a car I wasn’t considering but when I went to see it was blown away by the tech and the price was impossible top pass up. Did I drive it before I bought it, really dude? Just stop. No one made me do anything, nor did I infer that in my post I was merely stating my regret. If you actually read what I wrote rather than firing off a reply after reading half of it you would know that.

The second thought in my post was regarding the small but vocal faction that chastises people that do anything but target the best deal. I was just commenting on it. That is what we do here. If they bothered me that much I would just stop coming to this site. I was merely starting a conversation.

Or a rant?


So, I think LH serves 3 purposes (or 3 types of lessees):

  1. To find the absolute cheapest deal there is, regardless of the vehicle
  2. To find the best value in a segment
  3. To find the best deal on a specific vehicle (which may not really be a “deal” relative to other leases)

As with everything in life, it’s all personal preference. I would never fall into the first category, but I can understand someone that needs only a commuter car would chase the absolute lowest payment without regard to anything else.


So ignore all the valid points I made about you being condescending and not reading my post by doing the same thing again. You can’t make this shit up.

What’s wrong with the S90? It might not be an S6 but it’s a gorgeous car and if you got it at a steal even better…

What was your original deal on the S90?

If I remember they were leasing under $350 a month. That’s for a $60k luxury sedan

It sounds like you’re complaining because you had no idea if you wanted a deal or a specific car. One year into it you realized you chose wrong and now you want to assign blame to the people “chastising” others here.

When we tell people certain cars don’t lease well, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lease it. It’s information which people should use to set up expectations of a higher than usual payment compared to other deals here.


Quick question. What’s to say you wouldn’t have the same response (“I don’t like the car that I leased for three years now that I’ve driven it for one year”) if you had chosen one of the cars that leases badly?

Follow-up question. Would you have blamed the less vocal people on here (“the heart wants what it wants” crowd) for not actively trying to convince you from getting a car that leases badly?

There is a reason why people stay loyal to a brand or design philosophy.

Lastly, none of the advice here changes the facts that a car lease is a multi-year commitment, or that certain leases can’t be transferred, or that life is too short, or that a car is simply something to get you from point A to point B.

I would enjoy your car and be ready for the next time, when the time to lease comes around, like you otherwise concluded.


That is a fair point however my intent was not to blame anyone. The fault is mine alone. No one made me do anything.

It’s okay, lesson learned. Like some people have said, there are people here looking for leases for different reasons.

Now you know which side you fall, and let’s be honest, the S90 might be boring, but that’s a hell of a nice car to be driving for the next two years, especially when you got in while the deals were hot!


Not if you want the wagon or certain option packages on the sedan. :wink: But, otherwise, I agree. :wink:

OP- if it makes you feel any better, I got an insane deal on an Audi s5 in March of 2015. Just so happens that the s5 had been one of my dream cars from the moment i first saw it when it was revealed in ‘08. Two years into
my 3 year lease I was bored of the car and couldn’t wait to get out of it.

Long story short, no matter what you lease, the luster will wear off and you’ll get bored and want something else.


This. The new vehicle itch will only be satisfied for so long. :laughing:

same situation. Love my Giulia but am perpetually shopping for something faster lol

not going to make any rash decisions though

I think this forum is to educate oneself. Knowledge is power. What you do with it is up to each individual. If you got a good deal on the S90 be happy with it. I’m sure some people would envy your deal and never heard of leasehackr. As OP mentions on 1st post, 2 years from now he will have even more knowledge to get the best deal on a car he desires. This knowledge is continual and you can share it with family/friends.

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