Getting out of CX-30 lease early for a CX-5


Currently 19 months into a 36 month lease on a 2021 CX-30, but lately the car has been too small for our needs and we’ve been wondering if it would be worth looking into getting out of the lease early for a CX-5. What are my best options for ending the lease early? I’ve looked into Carmax and some of the selling options here but would they work for my situation? The residual value is $20472 on the lease.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Start getting as many quotes as you can and look up your current payoff before tax. If your lease is with Toyota financial shouldn’t have any issues selling to a third party dealer.

Read these:

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Go back to the dealer. See if there’s any positive equity. They can probably buy back the car and trade in for the new one. That’s what I did with my Acura a few months ago.

I am in SEPA and did this exact thing last year. Got our of my 2021 CX-30 and into a 2022 CX-5. It was easy. My dealer was happy to have my low mileage CX-30 back on the lot for their Used inventory.

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