Getting out of 21' RAV4 lease

The best way to get out of the lease is to sell the car. Check Carvana, Vroom and CarMax, etc.

Honestly, it sounds like you do not like the car and this is a primary reason you want to get out of the lease.

We do not know everything about your situation, but is it possible that this type of behavior got you in a trouble in the first place?

Do you have a replacement car in mind? Budget? Right now might be good time to limit your loss on RAV4 but not to lease or buy a new car.

I would suggest you explore Bogleheads forum to seek a financial wisdom.

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I have to agree with others that you are overthinking the image part here. My Realtor drives a Honda Civic and has been very busy since we started using her in 2012. She is d*mn good at what she does and that is what brings her clients, not her car. I’d rather have a competent and aggressive realtor than a flashy one.


The lesson to be had here is to build what your goal deal should be, that way when they go in and pull a fast one you’d realize that your payment was $125 per month more than it should have been.

Also I don’t care what a realtor drives, if they are in a RAV4 and making me a good deal, I don’t care.

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One of the best dealers here was EthanRS (he gave some incredible bolt / kia deals), and his cars that he drives should be in Jay Leno’s Garage, they are so expensive.

Does it make me a bad Toyota Salesperson if I still drive a VW Passat?


As long as your GM doesn’t put pressure on you who cares. Enjoy the German masterpiece. :slight_smile:


I have no idea where this comes from but I’ve heard this a few more times. Anyone who is about to sign a contract worth for at least several hundred thousands of dollars (should) know that there is no correlation between what his realtor drives and his quality of service. If you want to impress your clients , demonstrate knowledge of your work until you gain more experience.


Our realtor drove a Kia Soul. It was awesome. The car she drove had no affect on her ability to do her job, and if she had a “fancier” car it would have made no difference, and I wouldn’t have been more impressed.

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As everyone else said, just take this as a learning opportunity. It was your first lease and you got railed. This will teach you to not be rushed in a dealership ever again. It’s not a very good deal, but I have seen WAY worse. Take it on the chin and learn from it.

Also, stop worrying about your image. A brand nee RAV4 is not even remotely an embarrassing car.


You can go pay 15K over sticker for a Telluride just think how impressive that would look.:shushing_face:


All depends on how you put a spin on it…

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Any update on the paperwork? What does it specifically say about cancelling the protection plans?

yes it does

You guys are wasting your time responding anymore to this thread.

I am responding to your response concerning responding to concur with my own affirmative response.


Please don’t take this the wrong way but here goes, LOL, LOL, LOL… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

A Real Estate Professional who needs to find an Auto Broker to negotiate for him because he doesn’t know how to do it. :rofl:

Assuming you’re a male the sales staff at new car dealerships are just like women, (they can sense Desperation from a 100 miles away.


Negotiation is about product- and situation-specific knowledge. It isn’t about a personality type that can negotiate everything thru smooth talk or BDE or whatever it is you’re trying to imply.

Hiring a broker isn’t a moral choice any more than hiring a contractor or landscaper is a moral choice.


I hope he doesn’t see the thread with the real estate guy with the $2,000/month car allowance who’s looking for a RR or an Aston Martin….


This is absurdly stupid… You should be thanking your lucky stars someone was able to get you into any car with that credit score, and I would imagine someone in your line of work should be aware to read whatever it is you’re signing. BTW, willing to bet that your 9 year old GLK350 was likely not much quicker than a new RAV4.

Just ride it out and chalk it up as a learning experience.

I am not grasping the economics here. Should a ‘realtor’ not be closing 4 deals a month at present¿