Genesis GV80 Coming Soon

The G70 came after both the G80 and G90. The G80 is the Genesis vehicle they led with. It was identical to the previous Genesis sedan. I turned mine in a year ago. Nothing has changed about the Genesis since they refreshed the second generation in 2013, which is why I noted that they felt stale.

Unfortunately, the sales don’t back up the idea that Genesis knows how to make a great car. I also was very ready to give mine back by lease end, given how many issues it was having. But I’m hoping the GV has more promise than the G sedans.

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Interesting you didn’t like your G80. The G80 and G90 were both Hyundai sedans rebadged which is why I said the G70 is their first real sedan as their own baby. Unfortunately, most people are interested in suvs right now but they’re missing out on a great time for cars. My prior car was a C43 and I can tell you which one is a better car in almost every way.

I predict the suvs will be just as good with eye catching styling. I see very wealthy people in my area replacing their expensive European suvs with the Kia Telluride because it’s just that good.

The GV70 will be even more popular because of it’s price point. Oh, service at my Genesis dealer has blown the Mercedes dealership out of the water since my first time on the lot and now after my first scheduled service/oil change (free). Simply a great experience.

Like you, I hope they’re successful but only because I think more competition is good for everybody. And I appreciate what they’re trying to accomplish.

The G90 had very little presence to begin with, perhaps the most anonymous car to ever try to compete with the industry benchmark, the S-class.

But I don’t think the G80 looked any more stale than German sedans do at 5-6 years old. But I think Genesis needs to take something out of their playbook. Suck up the higher inventory costs of having at least 3 wheel designs per engine/trim level, such as BMW’s base, sport and M sport packages. Makes the V8 more distinct than the six cylinder

Or perhaps major mid-cycle refresh like Mercedes E-class in 2014, granted that’s a bit of an anomaly as other German sedan refreshes aren’t nearly as drastic.

Which dealer do you go to?

Ah, didn’t realize that’s what you meant.

I’m also impressed you got good service at your Genesis dealer. I couldn’t get them to so much as shuttle me to/from the dealership or pick it up for service. Although perhaps if I lived in a smaller city it would have been easier to get more personal treatment.

I was mostly referencing the interior – the exterior changed a little in 2013. But while it seemed like every other manufacturer was making updates over the last decade, the Genesis went largely untouched, outside of renaming it the G80.

Here is a better video of the car:

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I’m very much looking forward to the GV80. I have no doubt Hyundai is pulling out all the stops with this vehicle as it is make or break for the brand. Think of it as the LS400 for Genesis. It would be nice if they come with good lease offers…

Expected price range from $50K-$65K.

I see a ton of new X5s where I live; I see many GLEs. It’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts to the GV80.

I suspect that the smaller SUV (presumably to be called the GV70) might have more of a market impact.

The question is how well will it lease? Genesis residuals are likely terrible, and unless they inflate like BMW, lease might not be as attractive


Probably horrible at the start

If they want to be competitive they need to start offering some decent incentives.

Maybe not on year one, but by year two I’d expect them to start promoting their car more.

The GV80 will have a 3 row but I think I’d rather opt in for a 2 row if I were to get the car.
It looks to be too small for a 3 row.

Same. Do we know if 3rd row is optional or across the board?

Based on the Korean market website the five seater is the base cost and it is a 1 million KRW (~$850 USD) option for the 7 seater. They also advertise that the seats are electronically controlled (so no manual fold down).

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That image makes it look like it is a size of a Rav4/Edge, I was expecting something of a size Highlander/Explorer, something that would have any cargo left with the 3rd row up…

It’s squarely in mid-size SUV land, aimed at the RX350 / X5 / GLE. The cargo capacity with the 3rd row up is pretty much in line with any of those vehicles with the 3rd row option.

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Was watching the Super Bowl and came by the ad, in my opinion it looks killer. In my opinion deffintley the best/elegant looking Crossover/SUV in its class. Now just hoping the handling as well as power train will suffice.

Anyways what are your guys opinions on the GV80

Good video with more details. I am torn. Some angles I love some I hate. I need to see it in person first. The fact that it is a dedicated rear drive platform and not some frankenstein car platform is promising.

Why must every car have a huge grill now? Bmw ruined they’re 2020s with that grill as well…

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While I like the GV80, by the time it is for sale (mid summer?) we should have more information on the GV70, the smaller sibling which will be more of a X3 competitor and is ALSO being released this year. If the interior looks as good as its big brother, that might be the way to go for me (Unless you have more than 2 kids, no one really needs a third row of seats).

My wife saw the SB ad last night and liked it so much she went to their website to check it out. Usually not a good sign for me…