Genesis GV80 Coming Soon

Looks like the new Genesis GV80 SUV has been leaked out. Looks ok IMO. Wonder how much interest it will get

This thing will probably be a huge hit considering how well the Telluride was received. Can’t wait to buy a $60k loaded low mileage 3 year old example for $15k. As with all Genesis models, resale will likely be abysmal as usual.


I’m conflicted about the design. It’s okay I guess. I don’t think it moves things forward really but then again, it’s a luxury 3 row SUV so I should manage expectations accordingly. I get some baby Bentayga vibes from it, probably from the very large, very shiny grille.

I still don’t understand why they didn’t fastrack the GV70 which Genesis themselves acknowledge will be the biggest seller in the line-up. It all feels a bit too little too late to me but we’ll see. I can totally see ‘Genesis’ dealers giving this a $10k mark-up to begin with or something equally stupid.

The exterior is ok, nothing special. Interior is really nice in my opinion. I would say for a fact this is beats out the Enclave, QX60, XT6.

Those were all sedans. These new SUVs will hold their value better. I don’t understand the craze but that’s where the market is.

People willing to pay $500+ for practically useless subcompacts like the NX


I like it. Unique design for this segment at this price point.

Wish US gets the diesel, that thing is a killer

Forget the diesel…assuming this comes with the 3.3TT its a JB4 away from ~425HP. Look at some number that stingers are putting down. The 3.3TT is no joke…

I have zero doubts this will outsell all of their sedans in no time. Not a fan of the quad headlights, but the rest of the design language looks to be very “Genesis” and could be a huge win for the luxury brand, and might be the point where they start to eclipse other near-luxury brands.

I’m impressed with the exterior, it’s very nice, the interior is even better.
Not a huge fan of the steering wheel, but the rest seems very nice, check the video I posted, it’s gonna be a huge seller in the US, for the right price.

In fairness, that’s not difficult to do as the near luxury brands are all floundering with some fairly ageing models. Lincoln and Caddy are starting to move in the right direction.

  • Lexus - desperately needs to update the RX & NX and get a proper 3 row in their line up.
  • Acura - I can’t even name their 3 row SUV? Some sort of combination of irrelevant letters.
  • Infiniti - Nope. Just no.
  • Buick - Exists.

I mainly see this as competition for the XC90. Except this will have deliciously smooth V6 power. I guess it might pull in some X3 / X5 owners who are fed up of sitting in BMW service centres.

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Agreed but somehow despite it being so obvious, new entrants keep missing the mark. Eg the RXL’s third row is a joke. Also obvious would have been using Lexus’ usual product strategy and basing it off an existing Toyota platform like the Highlander.

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Only if it leases well. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening since I think BMWs can have decent reliability for the first 3 yrs…

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Easily their best looking vehicle to date. I’m sure they’ll sell way more of these than they did with their sedan lineup. Hopefully these don’t get as stale as the G sedans felt after the first couple years.

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The QV80 will be receiving Hyundai’s 2.5T with about 290 hp and a 3.5TT (new engine) with about 390 hp.

3.3TT is ominously missing despite making the most sense to keep it. This tells me genesis is making an attempt to accelerate into a luxury brand quicker and I wouldn’t be surprised if for the G90 and G80 Sport they dropped the 3.3TT in favor of the 3.5 liter unit.

Did not expect the 3.3TT’s days to be numbered this quick. Makes no sense to have two V6 twin-turbo engines so close in displacement in the lineup.

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RX is based on the Highlander platform. For some odd reason they are always a year or two behind the Highlander with model update and for “prestige” reasons they were avoiding the 3rd row seats as long as they could. New Highlander is just coming out, with a bit of luck 2021 RX will also get a complete overhaul, if not 2022 will get one for sure.

On the GV80 - I have to admit I really like the styling of it.

Then it’s even more ridiculous that the RXL doesn’t have third row accommodations similar to a Highlander

The G70, their first real car as a luxury standalone mark, hasn’t even been out a whole year. Most people say mine is the only one they’ve ever seen. I have probably seen 2 others in all of Southern California.

The gv80 and gv70 will both be huge successes. Genesis knows how to make a great car