Genesis GV70 Lease Deal. Should I go w a Broker?

The Genesis SUV looks great its about 64k, lease is working out to about 1k a month which sounds like I should be able to get a better car for the money. This is SoCal and its a 36/10 lease. Any other recommendations. Love the car but are all the deals not out there and this is what we pay now? Dealer says $1500 off MSRP but that is it. Lease details here CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Consensus here has been to buy a GV70 if you really like it.

What would you get?

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It just came out.

In normal times, even if it was a bomb, it wouldn’t lease well for another 6 months.

I previously had a Jaguar Ftype that was leased for 800 a month, the Genesis seems expensive for the lease (must be the residual of .58) the finance cost numbers seem to be about the same as the lease so someone on the thread said finance it and seems to be the way to go. Lots of cars at this price point but no inventory so I think things are limited, going to check w the brokers if they know what way to go, thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately the past has become completely irrelevant. You’ll find that F-types and everything else have gone significantly in leasing terms. Might as well forget your prior leases for comparison purposes.

Your only comps should be: what can I get for the same money as of right now?

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$1500 off MSRP for a brand new model car? That’s pretty much a steal in today’s market.

How you like GV70 as a drive compare to Ftype.
Exterior looks nice but how is the suspension and power, torque compare to Ftype or other similar SUVs like Audi or BMW.
1k is high for a 64k car.

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The Ftype was a phenomenal machine, the GV70 is a good SUV that is loaded with everything you can think of (massage seats, Heads up Displays) and drives well, back to back against the Macan Turbo 4 its a lot better (but I was driving the GV70 w the 6cylinder). Originally was looking at a Macan but the base model left me cold. They did not have anything in stock at the Porsche dealer.

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This is the advice I was looking for, getting back into the market and the whole thing seems insane! Seeing the numbers first hand is unreal. I think I can wait it out.

As per LH Calculator per month is $984 and $84 is the Tax and $0DAS . Tax is always there you lease or Buy. I don’t think things will improve in 2022 and 2023 maybe who knows it can stay same or turn for worst. If you can afford $984 payments without breaking the bank I would go for it and enjoy the GV70. $1500 off MSRP is rare in today’s mkt. $37k is a good RV if you decide to keep it after 3 years.
GV70 looks bigger in size to Ftype . I saw one in white on the road and it look impressive. If it’s as good as Macan Turbo in pickup and road handling then I would love to drive it.

Maybe the very top trim with LSD can touch a Macan, but I drove a 3.5T GV70 and it felt slower than a Macan S and certainly less sporty. That said, nobody likely needs the Macan’s handling and the GV70 has many features unavailable on a Macan - HUD, massaging seats, proximity tailgate.

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It is quicker than the base Macan (I did drive a used one at the Porsche Dealer so not sure of the trim) and felt very capable, handling seemed good (I have heard they are tuned for comfort not performance) but seems like a good machine for the money.

Yes, the 3.5 is faster than the 2.0 Macan, but I think the apples-to-apples is with the V6 Macan, which I felt was faster than the GV70.

Judging just on price, the GV70 is cheaper, but depreciation is yet to be seen and they are not leasing well, so I think buying a Macan and selling after a few years may still turn out cheaper than a fully loaded GV70. And if you’re considering a late model CPO Macan, then I think it could turn out to be a much better buy (a 2021 demo could net you almost 6 years of total warranty).

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That is some very sage advice, definitely will consider it.

so you think the Hyundai is as good as an BMW X5

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I think people are way too conservative here and aren’t getting that Genesis != Hyundai. It’s a completely different car. On top of that, as of 2016, the Genesis brand spun off from Hyundai and it’s a whole separate company now.


Are you saying a comparably equipped X5 is the same price?

if they are 65k

Why are you comparing the GV70 to an X5 at all? The GV80 would be a much closer competitor. GV70 is X3 size.

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Getting $1,500 off MSRP for a Genesis GV70 is impressive! I cannot see a broker beating that. If that is the car you want and the RV and MF are correct, lease it.


I have been researching the GV70 for months. My plan is to buy my Ford Edge next month (one payments left) and sell to CarMax and pocket $7,500. Then wait until a GV70 2.5T (300 HP is sufficient) is available in NorCal without all the premium packages. At $64,045 you are getting the Sport Advanced Package and Sport Prestige Package at around $10,000. Not much in there that appeals to me except the 12.3” Digital Cluster. I am fine with the 18” wheels (vs the 21”) on the base model for the ride comfort. MSRP on the base model is $42,045 which is an amazing value for a luxury SUV loaded with new tech.

But as stated; if you are happy with all the packages and the numbers, get it. Good job on the deal.