Genesis G70 2.0T AWD Prestige - monthly doesn't match

California. SF Bay Area.

The monthly quote offered by dealer ($599) is $30 more than the Calculator ($569)

Can someone help me understand if I am missing something?

MF from dealer is 0.00152

Quote details

Manufacturer Destination Charge | $1,095
MSRP (Sticker Price) $45,035
Total Purchase Price $45,035

Term 36 months
Annual Mileage 7,500
Residual Value (61%) $27,471
Total Due At Signing $5,000

  • First Payment $599
  • Capitalized Cost Reduction $3,395
  • Estimated Registration & Fees $684
  • Sales Tax (9.25%) $322

Monthly Payment $599.29

Im getting the same $569 as you. They probably have an alarm system in the deal or marked up the money factor

I double checked the MF with the dealer, still says 0.00152.

Not seeing anything alarm etc. in the deal. This is the breakdown for the MSRP

  • Base Model $39,575
  • Packages and Options $4,365
    • 2.0T Prestige $4,000
    • Reversible Cargo Tray $150
    • Wheel Locks $85
    • Rear Bumper Applique $85
    • Premium First Aid Kit $45
  • Manufacturer Destination Charge $1,095
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based on everything you are providing you and dealers numbers are off by $1000 somewhere. I ran it on my system and you have the correct RV/MF/Aqc/Inception fees

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@newlessee text us at 818-900-2565. Let us know what color you are looking for. We can beat that deal for you.


My guess is the destination charge is included twice - in the monthly as part of MSRP, and then as a fixed cost split over 36 mo (1095/36 = 30)

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That just means they’re marking it up over msrp, but ya, that’s probably what they’re doing.

Here’s the most important math:

In two such leases (72 months) you’d have paid off the car and then some.

And own all the equity. How much is that worth? Hard to say with certainty but at least mid teens for sure. Let’s say 12 to be even more conservative

You willing to light $12,000 on fire?

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Well this ain’t a lease hack for sure. However, can we do better in this market in this segment (entry / mid luxury sedan) with a different brand?

Have you looked at broker deals in the “Marketplace”?

Just Omega for now.

Done! 10 chars

What was the deal?

Still waiting…

Ouch. For comparison, I brought home a 3.3t Sport Prestige today $5000 due at signing $627 a month

Edit: with 12k miles too

Location too please!

I drove 3hr from NYC to a dealer in Maryland. They were amazing.

Did you happen to get finance numbers on that G70? I’m currently looking for a Siberian ice color and it seems to be rare. Would you mind sharing the dealer?

For finance they had the car listed at just under $52k and the lease they did $1k off msrp. The dealer was in Bowie, MD. They really were incredible, I would happily drive 5 hours next time if I had to.

That dealer actually has discounts on MSRP. Fun