Gas price predictions?

I live in MN and filled up the gladiator today and it’s the first time it hit $70 to fill it up. What’s your guys take on current gas prices? I’m worried of two things.

  1. It’s here to stay and continue to get higher.
  2. Could if trigger some type of recession if prices get more out of control?

Looking for someone smarter than me to give their thoughts lol. It’s getting wilder out there.

No one knows. Just think of it as the new average cost to your budget. Hopefully you didn’t go full Jeep owner mode and slap a lift kit plus big tires on that thing.


As for filling up your own tank, keep in mind that our recent memory is colored by the extreme aberration in prices during the early pandemic, when demand plummeted. $2/gal was ridiculous. $5/gal is kind of where we would expect to be right now had we not hit the pandemic at all.

Gas prices have been this high - and higher, if factoring in inflation - multiple times in the past couple of decades (e.g. 2008, the mid 2010s). Even if they climb another $1 from here, that’s hardly something that would destroy a typical budget. Maybe $40-50 more per month for the average driver?

The bigger concerns would be the residual effects on shipping and the prices of goods. And how soon we’ll be able to transition off a fuel source that is so intertwined with the economies of the world’s most heinous regimes.


$10 by summer.

I mean I put 33s on it and get an average of 15mpg. Then there’s the camaro LT1 that isn’t so great on gas mileage either :joy:

I’m thinking up here we will get to $5 a gallon by summer

They’re already above $6 in LAX. Maybe it won’t be $10 in Rural OK, but it’ll get there somewhere and it won’t just be a fluke like Needles or Big Sur.


We just hit $4 a gallon in Florida. We were at $3.50 a week ago. I fully expect to see $5 gas in the next 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately we have an administration that has no clue what they’re doing and that’s driving up the price of oil/gas even more because of speculation in the stock markets.

Yeah yeah I know…not making it political. But this is reality folks.


We’re at $6.XX a gallon in LA. Next time I fill up I’ll take a photo.


The prices are here to stay and aren’t going south short term. Even if we do decide to resume our path towards some sort of independence domestically, the oil doesn’t start flowing overnight. Also keep in mind that the current administration isn’t keen on this and quite frankly is up a creek without a paddle in multiple ways. I will stop there as I don’t want to bring politics into this.

On top of that, the oil market is insanely integrated. Just because a country ups production doesn’t mean country A is going to be 50% less per barrel versus country B…OPEC and price stabilization. Hell we’re still purchasing oil from Russia despite mainstream media flaunting our sanctions.

I’m no economist but I wager prices staying near where they are at and most likely going north for 3-6 months before any slight sign of a pullback. Summer is around the corner (peak travel season) as is summer blend fuel which is always ‘pricer’ as they say.

I don’t believe this will spark a mass recession, but it is indeed a catalyst. The ongoing actions in the Russia/Ukraine conflict, our domestic economy and the ‘transitory’ (ha!) inflation, the overall world economy, and China/Taiwan will be the real driver.

But I would wager we’re in for something…


Hey now, we don’t need to be galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short term problems.

Additionally, families who buy electric cars never have to worry about gas prices again. C’mon man.

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It just hit $4 a gallon in the UAE and people are losing their marbles.

Barrel of oil hit $120 today.

I would expect $5-$6 gal gas by the summer. Well over $7 out in Commiefornia


This just reminds me of War Dogs.

“Marlboro, don’t we need gas”

“Don’t worry, in Iraq, gas is free!”

But seriously, I expect gas to be around $6/gallon here in NJ.

I have a feeling $7 for premium is a nearing reality in NY/NJ


$4?!? Wow.

I remember the good ole’ days in UAE. Lived there 10 years ago or so.

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Khalas, It’s at 3.3 aed per litre, $.89/litre or roughly $4/gallon for premium. People are losing it, especially the way they drive here - often maniacs pinning it light to light.

I only fill up the 37gal tundra tank once a month but I can only imagine what pain people are having now. Good thing is the new tundras get almost 50% better mpg city. They’re still flying off the shelf even with rising gas prices.

The difference between now and when gas was $5 before is people actually have money. Between stocks and home values they still feel comfortable. If those markets crash it’s going to be very very bad.

My gas is free for life however thanks to ticker UCO


Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…


I text my wife every time I walk by a Prius telling her I’m jealous. “You can see me driving one right?”