Gamers of lease hacker, what are you enjoying right now?

What are you guys playing right now? Myself I’m stuck grinding the Divison 2, ironically a game about a post apocalyptic United States, post pandemic.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare “Warzone”!!


2nd that ^ Warzone non-stop



I suck at Warzone

PC? I want to play more but I’m solo, 2550sr tank, 2300 DPS, 2400 heal I think.

Blood money is pretty fun!

Overwatch. Different characters and game modes keep it enjoyable.

I am a SOLID SOLID barely silver.

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Ask me on Friday when Final Fantasy VII remake finally gets to my house!


How high do I need to boost you to get a really good lease?

Not a player, just sharing Yakuza for $40. Must be fun.

Did anybody get a VALORANT key?

I have been playing Team Fortress from like 2000. Seriously.


Division 2 and Warzone on Xbox one and CSGO on PC

Diablo 3. PC

I just picked up Destiny 2 again for PS4. I was into it until early 2018 then quit for a while

Cities Skylines and - dont laugh - Fortnite.

I tried getting into warzone, but I couldn’t. Just didn’t find it fun for some reason. I don’t have too much time these days to game either.

Wii Tennis (the original)

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Yessir, is pretty good.

Was going to say add me agent.