Funnest sedan/coupe to lease $300-$400 per month

I am looking for advice on finding a fast and nice sedan or coupe at around 300-400 per month.
I am able to put around 2-3k down (I know this is generally bad, but I have financial help).

I prefer 10k-12k miles driven per year.
Android auto and leather seats are also a really big selling point for me.

A few of the cars I have noticed on Honcker are:

In New Jersey:
10k mpy and 36 mo.

-Subaru WRX Base - 2166 D.A.S.- $ 323
–I would consider a limited if I can get it for under $400 (but that seems very high for a wrx)

-Acura TLX V6 w/Tech /Aspec - 1986 D.A.S. - $376
–This has tons of tech and has 290hp

-Infiniti Q50 3.0T Luxe - 2482 D.A.S. - $362
–This has 300hp, 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.

-Nissan Maxima SV - I dont have pricing but it has 290hp and has nice features.

Right now Charger RT’s are going for 410 a month for 39 ms and 10k miles a year and thats just a little too expensive for me right now.

Are there any I am flat out missing? What would you lease if you were in my shoes?

can probably get a Giulia, or a loaner 330i BMW

Interesting… I do like the look of the 2019 3 series…

…It would be the outgoing ‘18 model.

Good thread, I’m in the market right now with similar price point. I’m really looking to get below $300 if I can but up to $350 or so.

-BMW Loaners on this website, many 320i go below $300, step it up to 330i, and I believe I’ve still seen a few go for below $300 with no/minimal money down. I’m in SoCal now so it seems like a lot of BMWs out here, but I used to live in NJ and plenty there too so I imagine loaners can be found.

-Giulia, supposed to be fun to drive, I’ve never been in one. A while ago people were getting Ti’s below $300/month, but it seems now it’s more in the mid-300s to 400/month range…

-Infiniti q50: Currently have a 2015 and can’t wait to move on from it once lease ends. I got $296/month with 1k down (this was before i found this website but I think I actually did OK). Honestly it’s not a bad car, if a bit dated stylistically. Just want something new.

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Are there BMW 230i loaners available?

I’ve seen a few around, but a lot less common than the 3-series cars.

Any others recommend?

Highly recommend Acura TLX A-spec over a 320i or 330i

My sister has a 2015 TLX V6 and it’s a great driver and mileage. Plus the engine has good pickup and you have more power.

The A-spec is truly beautiful

Though I’ve seen prices dropping on A Spec, I don’t know if one can be had for under 400 a month with no money down, yet.

Try BMW 330e . The federal tax credit is around 4000 for this model and other discounts of bmw can make it a worthwhile option

Check out the loaners on BMW of Mt Laurel’s website. They will give about 18-18.5% off before incentives without too much fuss.

As for the Aspec, no way I’d get a FWD model and consider it “fun.” The AWD Aspec tech on honcker pushes your budget at $402 w/$2200 at signing. Besides, a 330xi is quicker and cheaper.

I think the spirit of this thread may have gone from finding the “funnest” sedan/coupe to the best deal available on something with 4 doors that isn’t a crossover…

OP, honestly, if it’s spirited driving you’re after then you can’t argue with the WRX. I’ve even seen STI’s at times be offered a smidge below 400 a month. These were in California, however.

The WRX is possibly one of the few analog driving experiences left that you can buy and it comes mostly equipped with a manual. This will satisfy your “fun” factor.

A base 2019 Miata would should also come between 300-400 dollars a month.

I know I’ll take a lot of flak, but most of the cheap luxury cars between 300-400 dollars that members here love getting deals on aren’t really all that “fun” to drive. Most of cars nowadays should come with Android Auto support, however the sport cars in this price range will most likely come with cloth seating. I don’t find most of the leather-equipped cars at this price point to be all that fun to drive.

Here’s to hoping the next generation 3-Series fixes most of the issues with the previous.

Take this from a self-proclaimed “car-guy.”


While I agree my Stelvio is more fun to drive than my 330xi, I can’t say the bimmer isn’t fun. Those who say it isn’t really need to get in one and drift it around a corner or on-ramp. I did both on my test drive. I was very pleased (salesman was not) with how balanced and neutral it is at the limits. It does need stickier tires, though (I really wasn’t trying to break all 4 loose like I did).

It needs non-run flat is what it needs. :confused:

Agree… hybrid options have the instant torque that can blow regular vehicles away

BMW’s ubiquitous 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 tuned to 180 hp and 215 lb-ft of torque lives under the hood. That gas-powered mill receives help from an electric motor that makes 87 hp, which raises output to 248 hp and 310 lb-ft combined. That’s the same horsepower rating as the 330i but significantly more torque—and much of it is available instantaneously

+1 for Giulia.

I just went through a similar exercise and ended up with a $50k well spec’d Giulia Ti for $399/mo (w/tax), $1800 DAS. I had more budget if needed and looked at A3’s and 330’s and others, but this car was more fun to drive than anything else I tested. I even tried a 2016 340. It was slightly quicker, but the Giulia handled better.

There are still a few 2018’s out there. Assuming lease support remains unchanged from December, I strongly suggest you consider it. If you don’t need all the toys (or AWD), I bet you can find a ~$45k variant for mid $300’s.

Driving experience on my 2005 manual 325xi has been unmatched even after owning a STI. The STI or WRX have so much more potential in them and don’t get me wrong they are fun to drive…but nothing has matched the driveability in a manual 3 series.

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What do GTI/GLIs go for these days?

They don’t make GLI’s anymore, but you can lease a GTI S for around 300 to 350, easy. Though, I happen to think that’s a little much for a car that MSRPs for 26k and can easily be had with discount down to about 20k.