Full Size Range Rover Leases


Anyone have any luck seeing any solid offers for full size range rovers. I know '18 lease support is ending this month, so was hoping to snag a deal.


No dealer will discount a full-size period. Definitely not a hackable car, 64% residual on 36/10 but .00321 MF kills it.


Seems fair I suppose. Not looking to hack like the hackers do. Would honestly be happy at about $1200 with tax and first month at signing.

Thanks for the insight though, appreciate it.


What state are you in? I’d be happy to try and work something around with that payment.


I’m in Michigan, zip code 48309. Looking for 36/10.



id like to get a quote on msrp $92,xxx 10k miles


I’ve bought one at a discount - why wouldn’t they discount the SP on a lease?


It REALLY depends on where you are. If there are multiple LR dealers within driving distance, at least 5% should be achievable. If you’re in the middle of nowhere with a single dealership near you, it’ll be hard to get any kind of discount.


It’s actually the opposite. I’m in socal with 5-6 competing dealers and nobody discounts. In the middle of a lower population state with some stale inventory a 2,000-3,000 discount may be achievable. The most I’ve ever seen a fullsize discounted at my dealership is $1,100 and that was because it was a returning customer. We usually cycle through our shipments before the next month hits (we only get 5 to 10 a month and we’re a high volume dealership)


I live in NY and am looking to lease two full sized 2019 RR HSE for 36 mo. Anyone able to get one at a decent price? I heard they lease bad normally…


64% residual but MF kills it. @Bostoncarconcierge will be your best bet.


That may be SoCal, I was looking to help my dad get into a RR in Chicago a couple years back and managed to get him 7k off. YMMV but it never hurts to ask nicely.


This is just laughable… you won’t get far here with that attitude.


It’s may be laughable to you but that’s just the nature of the car (at least in my market). Why would a dealer discount a fullsize when they only get a handful every month and there’s a line of people that will pay full price for it? Sometimes you have to pay to play.

And why are you critiquing my “attitude” I don’t have any say in it lmao


That’s a phenomenal discount, again I only know the market in socal. Hopefully he jumped on it! :+1:


I can confirm 100% that these cars are not discounted at all if anything. I have ZERO clue how I was able to get 7k discount 07/2018 on a 93k big body.

Just tried to hack one for a friend and he’s paying nearly $600 more a month for his car.


Should have added that pretty large caveat.


He did, multiple times, if you read his posts from the start.


Literally his first post in this thread is “no dealer will discount a full size period”


I did not say it was in the first post.
He also mentioned it earlier in another thread.