Full Size Range Rover Lease vs Finance

Probably the wrong forum to be asking about financing anything but still value your input. :smiley:

Looking at a loaner full-size HSE right now with 2,500 miles. 100k sticker.

Negotiated lease payment is $1,225 for 33/10 taxes incl. (first month only DAS) which after lurking around here for awhile should be regarded as a beautiful deal on a full size. In the neighborhood of 13-14% off sticker.

Like most manufacturers in these times, Land Rover has rolled out 0% for 72 months financing deal for well qualified buyers.

My dilemma lies in the fact that I could finance the vehicle for very close to the same lease payment and even with the crappy residual at the end of 33 months of financing I would be sitting pretty if I went to sell especially since I don’t plan to use all 30,000 lease miles.

Thoughts on which avenue is better? I’m not certain the dealer will let the car go for the lease’s negotiated selling price but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. I’m not privy to backroom hold back #’s etc on these lease deals. If purchasing should I expect to pay even less?

Thanks for your help!

I gagged when I saw the discount. Good deal, in this scenario I would lease. I wouldn’t want to bother with having to negotiate trade value in 3-4 years when you go to trade it in.


The venerable @ethanrs !!! I was hoping to gain your approval for this deal hahah. Thank you sir.


Don’t purchase it. There are few things more aggravating than trying to resell a RR

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@max_g Could there be some merit in financing if OP has a small business and uses the section 179 deduction? Then again there’s the risk of breakdowns on an RR that could easily outweigh any gains.

The first unscheduled trip to service or call to roadside and you will say out loud, “thank god I am only renting this gorgeous fuss-bucket”.

Solid deal on an amazing machine. Pics in the Trophy Garage when you sign.


In this scenario financing would make sense. And Range Rovers aren’t unreliable (anymore).

They are still comically unreliable, but worth the hassle.

They should ask their account. If they’re eligible it can be very tax advantageous the year you get it, but you will likely owe whenever you sell.

You left out an extremely important thing to consider, rent charge on the lease. As you mentioned finance is 0%. Isn’t the MF like .02 on these??

A cousin of mine picked up a full size in December- beautiful car and driving it makes you feel like king of the road- but within the first week the AC gave out. Think it was something simple like a fuse but still comical.

Heres what we can do. I’ll compile auction data of all lemon law vehicles run through Manheim and calculate that as a percentage against total vehicle production. I’ll put a substantial bet that Mercedes takes the cake for being king of the lemons.

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Hah. It took me months to track down the cause of intermittent A/C loss on our Odyssey. The system has 4 relays that you can’t test and two of them were bad, hence swapping them one at a time was yielding no results until I replaced them all on a whim :rofl:

I think RR’s are just as reliable as any other luxury make, but the parts and labor cost is going to be outrageous long term.


.00115 MF for 33/10

Usually marked up that much but with the payment he advertised he is definitely at or close to base MF.

Hi, do you know the residuals ?
how about 36 and 39 ?


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Hey I’d go to edmunds link below and either see what they posted or just a ask what it would be and provide your model/trim level, months, and miles desired. Someone there will hook it up

Also to close this thread out, I decided to lease given the advice from you all.

2020 P400E PHEV

$1,199/month with Virginia full price sales tax included

33mo/10k mi/yr. I’ll post in trophy forum once I get some good pics.

Thank you!!

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Can you post a LH calculator link here?

Enjoy the car! Great discount on the RR.

I am sure they are reliable right until the 50K warranty runs out. Same goes with the German and the newer Volvo’s, but the Volvo is probably a bit cheaper to fix.

It was quite similar to this, I don’t have exact numbers in front of me. The payment is showing lower so I assume they padded the MF by a little bit. And there was a manufacturer discount for the PHEV plug in tax credit that I didn’t see until signing to the tune of $6300. Add in my $1200 first month payment on top of that for total cap costs of ~$7,500.

At the end of the day—knowing I was gonna get a good deal —I gave them my monthly payment max and said only first month due at signing and they made it happen somehow.

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