Full Size Range Rover Lease vs Finance

That rebate changes up the scheme of the discount in the OP but that’s still very very good for the car. Look forward to seeing it in the trophy garage soon!

Lease. Do not fall into the trap of a money pit that is RR.

Lease, Enjoy, Return.

Countless horror stories of RRs staying in shop for long period of times. I would run away from owning one. That’s just me.


100% agree and they were being shady not mentioning it at all. I had looked at the rebate when thinking about financing as a means of offsetting the cost but didn’t know they could apply it to the loaner lease.

The clean vehicle credit and the fact it’s loaner were the keys to getting this into the great deal category.

I know it is of little value to you since the deal is done, but we just pulled the trigger on a 2020 Range Rover Sport. Have never leased before but considered it on our SUV purchase, hence my presence here. We took advantage of the 0% financing. I was very apprehensive to even consider the RRS because of LRs notoriously bad reliability, but the wife put her foot down and said she wanted it. That is usually rare for her to be adamant about a vehicle purchase so my search began. I did acquire a JLR Private Offer PIN which was a shocker because the full size and RRS are now only 5% compared to all others at 10%.

2020 RRS HSE Dynamic MSRP $98,850. Out the door, delivered 2k miles away in enclosed shipping for $94.8k. Hoping to receive the vehicle by end of this week or beginning of next.

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@C7GSDude nice deal man! That must be a heavily loaded Sport at that price.

So while I was leaning towards financing the title was stamped with “Daily rental vehicle” since it had been titled as a loaner. That kinda killed the sale for me as I knew I’d get hammered at resale time.

I also had a 5% PIN from JLR but since they were discounting the vehicle they wouldn’t apply it. If anyone wants to know easy way to snag a JLR PIN for 5% off Sport or Full-size (assuming dealer allows it) just pm me.

Enjoy your new ride!

Likewise, cheers!

I didn’t even see that it was a PHEV.

That definitely makes things worse reliability wise, as now you have to deal with the gas engine and the electric motor. Have you been able to see how much the electric has assisted with gas consumption?

Or anything JLR for that matter.

Just Lease, Really


After you get your Sec 179 deduction, you would have to deduct % wise of your “business use.” IRS is going to flag you if you put 100%. Probably even 90%.

I’m not a CPA but this is what my CPA told me.

I’d agree, I’m not a fan of the electric motors and batteries for long term reliability. The gas engine is a 4 cylinder so I can’t imagine it will be that problematic by itself. Glad I didn’t buy it though

As far as consumption, you get about 21 miles all electric if you put it into EV mode…so I haven’t used any gas yet because my drives have been shorter than that. Throw it on the charger when I get home and you’re good to go the next day.

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That definitely makes costs to run an RR a lot less. Enjoy the car!

Hi, I am looking to get the RR sport PHEV. Which dealer in Virginia?