Frontier 2022 S trim

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask the community if this is a good deal. Please see pictures attached. The tax
(total of 400$) is included on the monthly payment.


Btw this is Philadelphia PA.

You’re looking at an effective payment of ~$400/mo. How does that compare to other frontier deals that you’ve looked up on the forum?

Seems higher than what I’m seeing from others for similar spec/MSRP.

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Looks like they making money on the MF aka Interest


MF should be .00227

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Thank you. I’m going to ask them if they can correct it. Also, I should ask them to change the residual value to 99%, right?

No that’s for a Crew Cab. Residuals can’t be negotiated or manipulated. It actually looks like the residual dipped 1% this month

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Highly recommend reading the following:

Post #310 provides the February programs/calculators for the various Frontier trims.

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It would be a big mistake to go down the path of talking calculations and RV and MF if you don’t know :100: what you’re talking about.

Instead, know what your target payment should be. That information is all over this forum. Gather that information and build a LH calculator and post that link here. Set MSRP and selling price the same for now. MF and RV: request it by signing up on Edmunds forums for your zip code. PA doc fee is like $399 or something close. You know your own tax rate. Questions about any other inputs, ask them here.

Then make an offer of that payment and let the dealer figure out how to structure it.

Here I built the calculator. I got the RV and MF from Edmunds. I hope is correct. Also, I am confused with the drive-off amount. It shouldn’t be the summary of the FEES & TAXES (1232$) plus first month ? Sorry guys I am new with this.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

That is what the deal should look like assuming no funny business from the dealer.

You can click :ballot_box_with_check: Capitalize All payments and it will zero out your drive off and give you $289/monthly assuming everything else is correct.

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You can structure the same deal with a higher DAS & lower monthly payment, or a lower DAS & higher monthly payment.

Aside from some small interest savings, it usually comes down to personal preference.

BTW, lease taxes in PA are higher than the 6% state sales tax. They vary by county from a total of 9 to 11%


The sale tax in Philly is 8%.


Now the big question is… How do I make the counteroffer? I am taking to the sales man through emails

“Dear poor Nissan sales schmuck, my best and final offer is $XXX/month with $XXX due at signing. I have my credit card in hand to give you a deposit to secure the truck, and I will be ready to take delivery today. Very truly yours, a future Nissan Frontier S driver”


+3% for leases for a total of 11%

Got it Thanks.

Call or email to offer $300/month with zero DAS.

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I just did it… with 306$ . I will keep you guys updated.

Here is the new offer. What do you guys think?

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