Freebies with leases?

I just leased a new Audi from a dealership in Chicago. Up until this point every car I have leased in the area has come with all weather floor mats and USB cables. When I asked my salesman about throwing in all weather mats and USB cables, he told me the parts department was closed on Saturdays and that if it wasn’t on the window sticker, he couldn’t throw anything in with the deal. Is this unusual? or have I just been spoiled before?

EDIT: The GM just called me and told me he would be sending me a front plate delete kit, mats, and USB cables. There is such a thing as free lunch!

There’s no free lunch


You were spoiled. :slight_smile:

Post the numbers from your deals and we will tell you who spoiled who!!


He posted it here:

You asked for them a bit late… For me. freebies typically make my ink-pen work while signing the paperwork :wink:

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I think that means you got a good deal this time and there was no more room to move.

I guess I assumed everything would be in the trunk but that just goes to show what happens when you assume.

If nothing in signed on a “due bill” or “we owe” I would not expect anything. I tell my friends every time leave the dealership with what you want do not take anyone’s word.

My last lease came with all weather liners and wheel locks that were nowhere to be found on the window sticker, though they are listed in the service records as being dealer installed. I had no idea until after the fact though, I didn’t ask for them and they were never mentioned by the dealer either. The one prior to that had splash guards as a dealer option that were listed on the sticker and I just negotiated a % off the total MSRP accordingly.