Ford Lease end Purchase


My 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid se car having about 9K positive equity, hence planning to sell to 3rd party.

My question is in order to purchase the car do i need go to dealer and purchase or can i do it directly with Ford Credit?

I will start calling Ford Credit.

Check your lease contract, but Ford is currently directing people to their originating dealer or the closest dealer. Many have reported junk fees, so you may want to shop around.


I have a current Ford lease and will be purchasing as well. First, sign in to the Account Manager on the Ford Credit site and click on My Lease Info. Then, down at the bottom of the page, click on Purchase Your Lease Vehicle.

Mine states:

Please do not send the amount listed above directly to Ford Credit. In order to purchase your vehicle, please visit your Ford dealer.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Originating Dealer

At the time of your appointment with [Dealer], you will complete your vehicle purchase transaction.


Be sure to contact DCA (Dept of Consumer Affairs) if you’re being charged more than what’s in your contract.


Thanks everyone for the responses. Let me visit my nearest dealer and see how much they quoting it.

Today went to nearest dealer and he redirected me to original dealer :frowning: to buy out

Did you call ahead or just show up? Sometimes even dealers don’t want to make money on it.

I happen to show up before calling them. He was saying it is like taking the order from that dealer

Not sure whether they have any agreement between them. Good thing it is just another 5 file only the original dealer.

only 5 miles, wow reminds me of a Toyota dealer here in CA, 3 of them within 6 miles of each other.

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My original dealer wanted me set an appointment and asked to come back on wed and he told they will submit the paper work to DMV(Used Car Purchase) to transfer the title it might take 3-4 weeks and then i need to do the pay off by check or finance.

Recently did this in NY. FMC directed to go to a dealer. Dealer wasn’t super responsive to help out but after a few phone calls eventually set up an appointment and brought check from the bank. Didnt charge any weird fees at least.


When did you give the check during the DMV paperwork first appointment itself? As per my dealer after title changed i need to do the pay-off.

They handled everything in the same appointment.

It looks my dealer not ready to helping out not sure why!!!

My 2019 Ford Edge lease ends in mid January and I want to purchase and sell to Carmax. My dealer told me they buy the car from Ford Credit and then sell it to me as a used car. I have an appointment with the leasing finance guy at my Dealer and he will have all the paperwork. I asked about any other fees than taxes and DMV doc fees and he said there were not. We will see. I live in northern California. Let us know how it goes for you.

Yeah sure will do

I have done a ford lease buyout, i had to call several dealers to see who can do the buyout, basically the way it works, dealer buys the car from ford, and mail you the title, i told my dealer i just want to do the title only buyout, meaning i dont want to pay them the registration, because i was trying to unload the car in 10 days. also dealer payoff is $500 less than what ford credit will tell you your pay off is. My dealer was friendly enough to only charge me doc fee, and taxes ( actual residual on my car $16,211, payoff was $16,711 from ford credit, alot of dealer even said my payoff was also $16,711 but dealer i bought the car from, cut me slack and told me ill be responsible for $16,211 + taxes and $80, and no more shenanigan. it took about 21 days from the day i wrote them a check to receive title from dealer in mail


Title only buyout? Didnt know you could ask for that

Thanks for the details, let me check my luck tomorrow.