Ford F150 Lightning to start below $40K


Lol, Mid Series is $54k that’s more likely the price.

Yep. $40k will most likely get you a regular cab, 5 1/2 ft bed, and 2wd.

My back and shoulders can’t handle the seats on the “commercial oriented” Ford pickup trucks.

Of course, if you use the tesla model of pricing, the truck actually starts at $28k*

*after $7500 rebate and project gas and maintenance savings of $4500 per year


It’s a Ford, they can’t say that.


My F150 was flawless during the time I had it… unlike every single person I’ve ever spoken to with a Tesla


It’s like Apple phones, you are brainwashed to forget that it has issues.


Hey that sounds like a great commuter, more useful than a Bolt, can make Home Depot runs too. There’s lots of advantages to vehicles with less seats, “oh sorry, i don’t have room, can’t drive”

Curious what the base $39,974 “commercial-grade” F-150 Lightning will come equipped with.

A zero-option F-150 XL SuperCab 4x4 with the base 3.3L V6 is $40,160 before destination. Seems like a no brainer to get the Lightning over the base truck, especially after factoring in the fuel savings and tax credit.

In interviews, Ford says even the base Lightning will get a 12" screen and power trunk, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had dual-zone climate control and other tech goodies as standard to maximize parts commonality with other Lightning trim levels.


Interesting. I wonder how much the version with the biggest battery going to be. I’m also curious about powering the house from the truck. If that will actually work then I might want to hold off on installing a standby generator and use the 12-15k towards the truck.

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Here is a quick video

This looks like a game changer to me, it seems to be well thought out and executed, very well priced as well.
Ford will run out of the EV credit soon I bet, if the current laws/rules don’t change.
Still look forward to that Rivian R1T, bring them EV trucks!


Or do you go with the dual motor Tesla cyber truck?
500 hp, 300 mi range, 0-60 in the mid 4’s, 10k towing for 49k? We know the mid range Lightning will be in this range.
I have to imagine Ford’s build quality with beat out Telsa especially in a truck.

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I haven’t even seen a road legal/ready Cybertruck yet, just saying…
The crazy top trims never are game changers, these low 30k (after credit) ones will be and that’s why I said that. Just like how Model 3 gained the momentum

Is this the truck that Biden fake drove? Lmao :rofl:

Why fake drove? I’m not up to date on news at all.

He was shown flooring an electric F150 truck in a demo

Honestly GM dropped the ball by not making a Silverado with Ultium batteries and focusing on the ultra luxury segment. I realize development costs and all but all I want is a 40-50k SUV/Truck that gives me 300 miles of range and a good L2 Autonomous system.

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So you want an f150 lightning?


Lol, I have no idea how Bluecruise will work. Ford doesn’t either.