Ford Bronco Sport - Big Bend 4x4 - 36/10.5 - $425 per month - Thoughts?

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Ok folks, I’d like to tap into your wisdom and get your thoughts on the following lease proposal. Today’s market is absolutely insane so it’s hard for me to compare to other cars that I have historically leased and/or currently lease.

Here’s the deal, it is the best we’ve gotten on any vehicle thus far.

Ford Bronco Sport - Big Bend 4x4 - 36/10.5

$30215 - MSRP
$1000 - Discount
$29215 - Selling Price
$1,250 DAS
MF .00100
RV 57%

$425 per month

Link to lease calculator below:

Thoughts? Thanks!!!

2 door or 4 door?

The bronco sport doesn’t come in a 2 door variant.

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Is the $1000 discount from the dealer, or from the retail bonus that Ford is kicking to dealers to anybody taking delivery of an in-stock Bronco Sport before the end of September?

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$29215475 - Selling Price

That’s quite the mark up.

Deal doesn’t look too different than the national offer on the Ford website. Not sure how much better you’ll be able to do on a brand new model though with the shortage and delay just adding to that. National offer looks something like this which is effectively the same thing:

Correct. Only 4 door.

It only comes in a 4 door.

They screwed something up in the quote price and as a gesture made that offer. This is definitely not occurring elsewhere.

Also, this is not in-stock and still wont arrive for a few more months.

LOL! :smiley: Yes, fixed the typo…thanks.

As for the national offer, at least in the calc that you shared, there was still a $4k DAS while the offer I have only has me paying $912 at signing.

With the above in mind, any additional thoughts? Thx!

As for the national offer, at least in the calc that you shared, there was still a $4k DAS while the offer I have only has me paying $912 at signing.

Yea my point was that $4K DAS and $325/month is effectively the same as $1K DAS and $425/month.

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Bronco Sport =🚫 Bronco

Just want to be sure we’re talking about the right car

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The Sport is a rebadged Ford Escape and doesn’t really get any meaningful off-road hardware until the top two trims.

The Big Bend is basically the base trim and is very Spartan.

For that kind of money you should be able to get a better equipped Escape, CRV, Equinox etc.

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Are you absolutely married to this vehicle? You’ll be paying more than others are for a $55k Wrangler. If you are comfortable with that, then it is what it is. There really is nothing to analyze when there are no incentives and barely a discount. If they are giving you base MF, that you got from Edmunds, of course, then you’ve done all you can do.

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Yep, definitely know that.

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Agreed. As you can imagine, this decision is less about the function and more about the form. My son loves the look of the Bronco Sport…trying to make it happen for him.

Then why come here and ask for help? It’s a highly sought after vehicle that most dealers can’t even get. It’s the vehicle your son wants and the payment amount is fair in your standards as compared to a better vehicle. Sign the paperwork.

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Review marketplace for best offers on the car & compare it to your deal.

If marketplace has better deals you got room to negotiate otherwise you got a good deal.

Why not? Nothing that’s been discussed so far strongly suggests either way whether it’s a good deal or not.

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I’m honestly shocked that there’s a Bronco sitting on a lot that is up for lease. The back orders on these is unreal.

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Bronco sports?