Ford Bronco Discussion - Soon MY2024

This thing looks sweet, it appears Ford put the effort in and has come up with something worthy of the name. Not your typical domestic reviving a name plate just to disappoint everyone

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ya but can I get a fully loaded service loaner for 328+tax?


Yeah I doubt they’ll be any lease deals on this thing


Residuals could be high and sounds like they may be going for volume.
I could see them really pushing them out to establish a market presence against jeep.
The Gladiator had some really good lease numbers within a few months of release.

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Still a whole 10 months to a year out…

Not the same. This is more like wranglers…more about owning and modifying & off-roading… Lease support will not be a lot I’m guessing…

I’m ordering one :grimacing::+1:


I’ll have to drive one first but not holding my breath that a Ranger-based vehicle will be much fun to drive.

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Will look in to it once my taco lease is over in 2022

Mainly for the MT

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The crawl mode in MT is supposed to have 94.7:1 ratio… Which should be insane

Maybe 2% of Bronco buyers will know what that means.


True. I think Ford did do their homework and will give Jeep a stiff competition.

Also the doors and top are easier to remove & can be stored in the car which is amazing…

YT modifications videos will be galore lol

I think there’s a lot of cool stuff here. With that being said, I’m pretty sure I am in the minority but I think it looks like Ford bought a Wrangler, Toyota FJ and a Defender and threw them in a cheap hotel room for a weekend. Oh, the front end of the new Hummer showed up for a little bit too.

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Jeep doesn’t sell ~200k wranglers a year by limiting itself to people who know what transmission ratios are or what a solid rear axle means. They need to sell most of the cars to people like sorority girls and suburban 30 somethings who never take their $35k truck to so much as a dirt road.

That said, this car looks like a money maker and a Wrangler competitor with real off road chops. If I needed the capability I would certainly consider it.

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Winning the “YouTube car vlogger car of the year” game generates big hype and car makers are starting to aim for that. Like the Supra and the C8 Corvette previously.

But isn’t that sorta what is SHOULD look like?

I’m totally not the target market, but I think this looks like a home run for Ford.


It might be Ranger underpinnings, but I agree, looks like a home run. Three body styles from the get go, lots of trims and nothing looks like it’s from the parts bin

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Not sure F&F fame and first mid-engined Vette excitement can be replicated by YouTube vloggers

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Plus it starting price of $29k is great when compared to base Wrangler that barely has basic comfort features i.e. - no AC

Also ford has paid attention to key details

  1. True open air ride (no cross bar on the roof)
  2. Side view mirrors not attached to doors
  3. Easy assembly/disassembly of doors and roofs & storage
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You think Jeep is feeling the heat?

Introduced V8 Wrangler & 37 inch tires just in time to beat bronco’s 400 lb tourqe and 35" tires…

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