For sale 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Demo $100K

3K miles demo car (manager’s car)
Asking 100K

You own it or is it a dealer demo?

Hi Bilal, we own it bought from dealership.

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If you bought it from the dealership then its no longer a demo and the ad is quite misleading…

Nice spec though. :+1:


You will probably get asked this, but can you post the window sticker showing MSRP with a list of options?

Any reason you want to get rid of it?

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So… what you are telling me is you are probably charging 25k over for a truck that is about 3,000 miles… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Isn’t MSRP around $80k, give or take?

75-80. I used to be Toyota, but I don’t really remember

just send it to Mannheim yourself man. Sure there are people here who can do that for you for a fee.

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I hope you paid msrp for this
And at that the manager got his farts all over it :joy:


MSRP is $79xxx

Helping my friend. He has a dealer license he can do Mannheim himself too. He is so excited about LH :smiley:

There is no way to be underwater on this car :crazy_face:
I bet he farted a lot :smiley:

To make money :smiley:

Yes, do you see any problem here ?

Good luck. Don’t be surprised if most folks on LH pass on this deal.


I haven’t seen one on the road yet in Florida but are people really paying $100K for a Toyota and I’m pretty sure the lease price for this is around the German SUV GLS,X7 and American SUV Escalade, Yukon or Suburban price.

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Wants to make money, but wants to give LH the privilege of paying 20k over.

Just send it to auction.


Lease program sucks on this.

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