For Sale: 2018 BMW F80 M3 Competition

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My 2018 BMW F80 M3 Competition lease will be maturing on 02/24/2021. With positive equity in the car, I have decided to sell the car rather than return it back to BMW. Located in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Alpine White
Sakhir Orange/Black Extended Leather
6 speed manual
Competition package
Mileage = 20,663 of 30,000 (As of 01/16/2021)
Window sticker attached
VIN: WBS8M9C58J5K98541

All service performed by BMW of Bloomfield
All receipts provided
3 year/30,000 service (oil and brake flush) will be completed before sale of vehicle
Non-flagged, 100% mechanically sound and operational, accident free, clean CARFAX
Garaged, adult driven, non-smoker, never tracked or raced
Always hand washed and detailed
Average tire tread depth = 7/32nds front and 6/32nds rear (666M wheels not currently installed due to winter season, will post pics installed on car on/or around 1/18/21 when AutoVIN inspects the car, one of the rears also has a plug)
Exterior and interior condition = 90/100 (conservative)

Alpine Motorsports flash tune
Stage 2, GTS steering, GTS differential, GTS MDM
Minor coding
Active Autowerke single midpipe
IND painted front reflectors
IND painted keyhole cover (not installed)

Winter wheel package
18x9” ET30 Apex SM-10 anthracite
Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 255/40/18
Average tire tread depth = 10/32nds (used for 2 seasons)
BMW basic line front and rear rubber floor mats
Stock midpipe (secondary cat and resonator)
OEM ECU tune map
OEM front reflectors

The sale of the vehicle will be executed by BMW of Springfield on either 02/20/2021 or 02/27/2021. These dates may change depending on the arrival of my new lease, but should be accurate. The purchaser does not have to be a NJ resident. The vehicle may be purchased or financed, but not re-leased. The dealership will provide temporary registration and plates. The purchaser will be responsible for arranging insurance. Documentation fee $699, registration/DMV $400, and any applicable taxes to be paid by the purchaser.

Balance of factory warranties will transfer to the new owner. No stated or implied warranties otherwise.

A Vehicle Sales Agreement “contract” will be issued facilitating the sale of the vehicle. A down payment will be required and held through BMW of Springfield or Next Level Auto Brokers LLC. For those of you familiar with the Leasehackr community, you should all know Dan.

Please contact me with any additional questions or comments.

Asking $56,000.

IMG-7639 IMG_7480

Sell me those apex wheels.

If I have to part things out, then sure. Trying to sell everything as a package first.

Ok, sounds good. Good luck

The last of a dieing breed, GLWS.


Such a great car and properly built.

Why are you upgrading this is better?!

i dont understand why this would be posted here rather than sold to one of the carvana/vrooms of the world. do m3s really have any equity?

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Good question. I guess I enjoy switching cars every 3 years. The lease price of the new G80 as configured was honestly within $100/month of the M5 Comp I’ll be obtaining in February. I’ll miss the manual for sure!

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Not having the greatest experience with Vroom on a '18 X3 lease buyout at the moment. Carvana had a disclaimer about being inside the 60 day lease maturity window, which I am. Algo’s offer was fair.

Yes, there’s at least 10K in equity for private party sale.

I thought I’d never see the day where BMW would have equity at the lease end but here it is. Although honestly if I was to spend $65k with tax on this I’d just go new.

I’m not exactly sold on the looks of the new G80. Manual means you’re not getting the comp. Comps start at 69.9 and lease like :poop:

Ah, assumed (incorrectly) that you were grabbing the new M3. This makes better sense and I salute you.

Hmmmm trading a BMW m3 for a G80 Hyundai???

0 in 10 M3 owners would make such a tradeoff

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G80 in this case is the chassis designation for the new bmw m3, not the Hyundai sedan.


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Nice car! Feels so rare to see a manual M3. Manual sedans are certainly an endanged species these days.

Just a thought, have you considered Bring a Trailer for a car like this? You may have an easier time getting your target price there (wider audience, more of an enthusiast base).

I assume you already have it listed on the BMW forums, also a good place to get the targeted buyer base.

I assume SHIFT/Carvana/Vroom/ALGo came up short as they don’t price for enthusiast cars as generously as middle-market type cars.

Good luck with sale.

Try reaching out to

Based on what I see from them on Instagram, they are always looking for m3s to buy. They seem to go through them quickly.

I wasn’t able to find any comps on Bring a Trailer but thanks for the suggestion. Yes, currently advertising on Bimmerpost, FB, and BMW CCA as well.

Right on the money with Carvana, Vroom, and Algo regarding enthusiast cars. Although, I was able to pocket $4K on my wife’s '18 X3 lease return.

Here’s a few that land near your price point:

Price lowered with updated pics of 666M wheels.