Florida car dealer mistakenly sells man a Ford Bronco display model, demands its return

I bet someone lost their job!!

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Ahhh the good ol’ Florida man


Meets Florida dealer


“Mistakenly” haha… That sales person was like “coffee is for closers, floor model or not”.


Anybody see any pricing on these yet?

Its alwaaaaays Florida…


The Sport? Yuck.

Is that all thats out? i dont follow Ford much

Not sure but when I read it was a Sport in the article I lost interest :slight_smile:

I didnt read the article oops

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Yeah only the Sport right now. I believe I read the full size Bronco will be out Q2 2021.

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It will be the new Jeep Liberty on college campuses


Florida forgery victim man might want to call the news station and see if they can help him out. However, since the dealership is out of state, the local news probably will not be interested.

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I’ve seen a few sports in the wild here in Denver

I saw one putzing around Florida over the weekend. Was black, so a different one than this. They definitely seem to be starting to get out there.

It looked… well, better than an escape I guess. Not particularly noteworthy otherwise.

Will this car be the next PT cruiser? You know, something that is oddly all the rage for a little bit, going for greater than MSRP, then quickly fades into obscurity?

I think the big difference will be that for some reason, the PT cruiser still has a cult following among a select few.

With that said, from what I’ve seen, the Bronco sport doesn’t look like a bad vehicle; just a rugged counterpoint to the escape. It’ll make for a great rental car next time you’re at the airport.

A friend of mine actually paid $5000 over sticker for one when they first came out :frowning: When he traded it in three or four years later, he was not happy. Seems obvious, but many people think far too emotionally with making purchase decisions it seems.

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It reminds me of the Freelander for some reason, and that’s not a compliment

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Only Florida man would be stupid enough to actually want to keep this thing, and call the news about it. Dealer was doing him a favor. I bet it was a late development/TT build vehicle that never got miles put on it, or it was a reject from final assembly for whatever reason. Would not touch a Ford product with a 50 foot pole let alone one that has this kind of provenance. Good luck Florida man!!