First-time leasee with negative equity. How did I fare?

Hello all! Long-time lurker of this forum but first-time leasee. I will try and provide as many details as possible. I priorly owned a 2015 Dart GT. I was upside down in it ( owed $19000 ). I went to my local Nissan dealership to check out the new 2019 Maxima. They didn’t have any in-stock but I did spot a 2018 Maxima SR with the exact color and features I was looking for. We ran numbers and I knew going in that I would more then likely be paying more than what I was. Here is the breakdown of my prior payment ( Dart ), my new payment ( Maxima ) and money out of pocket.

2015 Dart GT - $508/month - 42 months left financing

2018 Maxima SR - $639/month - 35 months left - $4000 OOP for money down and first payment

I did include GAP in the new Maxima and I’m receiving a balance of a little over $1,000 back from Mopar for the warranty I had on the Dart. I’ll also add that the sticker price on the Maxima was $40,500. The lease price on a ‘19 Maxima ( Base S model, not SR ) was $329/month with $4,200 down. How did I fare? If any other information is needed, please let me know.

You have an effective monthly payment of $760 on a 40k Nissan. Enough said.

Not sure why you ask after signing.


How upside down were you? Maxima doesn’t lease very well at all and you could have likely gotten more for your money in another car. The deal is signed though so enjoy! (It would have made more sense to post before you signed the paperwork)

Suggestion: don’t try and get out of this lease early and continue the negative equity trail.

Again, first-time leasee, just curious if I did ok or horribly, that’s all. Could you explain what the “ effective “ payment is? I apologize for my ignorance.

If you have really been a long time lurker you would not be asking “how’d I do?” You put 4K down and still have an outrageous payment on a Maxima.

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Effective payment = down payment / term + monthly payment.

If you want anyone to analyze this, post a copy of your lease paperwork with personal info redacted. We can’t guess as to what sales price, trade value, etc is

Average trade-in for the Dart in the condition was $12,000. So roughly $7,000 upside down.

And that was KBB? Dealers don’t go off that. Post a copy of your lease paperwork

Ok, will do.

Take the 4000 and divide it by the number of payments then add that to monthly. It is easier to compare monthly to monthly this way.

Honestly why not ask prior to signing? Just curious because we see a lot of people ask after signing.

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That makes sense. Thank you the clarification.

To be truthful, I went in knowing that I’d be paying more then what I was currently. The number they leased me at was not far off what I was looking to pay originally.

Anyone seeing the trade in price of the Dart there? Unless it is the “prior credit or lease balance 2000”.

So basically they didn’t discount the price of the car at all and gave you way more than what your Dart was worth

Did I read that right you leased a Tom Brady Dart for 508 a month? You must be a huge Patriots fan to pay that much for a dart and got the fully loaded Brady model. You rolled over negative equity and now you are paying 639 a month for a year old maxima? Good luck with that enjoy

Did they add 2k into the cap cost?

Yup so he had $2k negative equity. Probably had closer to $10-12k in negative so they discounted the car by $0 or there must have been a brick of coke in there that he never found.


So looks like there is 6276 + 2000 in added cost. And they are sneaky in that they didn’t list the actual trade in value of the car.