First Time Lease - VW Arteon SEL R Line 4 Motion or BMW 330i xdrive M Sport

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Hello everyone!

I currently have a 2015 WRX looking to get rid of currently because it will probably be the most i’ll get for it ever (has an accident on it but carvana/vroom is offering a lot more than last year).

Looking for something along the lines of the VW Arteon R Line 4 Motion (if I can find a good deal, Golf R engine/turbo is leaning me to it), or the BMW 330i xdrive M Sport. I’m just basically looking for something with AWD, 4 doors, and decent performance (potentially tuneable). I know the Arteons used to be had with a load of incentives, and I’m trying to research now but info is very scarce on this car, however the BMW seems to be the safest bet at this point.

Any insight would be much appreciated. I’ve been doing tons of research on leasing, using the calculator and such, but any advice on good leasing cars along the parameters of AWD, 4 doors and decently fun to lease for the next 2-3 years until the market goes back to normal would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Also, I would qualify for military, and recent college grad incentives if that helps. (Also Costco and PenFed member)

you want to tune a leased car?


Have you considered purchasing a cpo arteon or 330?


Have you spent any time on Edmunds to check the programs on these?

Golf R has never leased well (worse than GTI), the R line trims don’t lease well either.

BMW as you probably know usually leases better with loyalty, OL codes, etc. You pay a tax coming to the brand from another.

You need to decide if you’re shopping the deal (almost none to be had), or the deal.

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VA, MD and DC are all pretty punitive for leases, to varying degrees. What state do you live in?

BMWs are usually non-starters without loyalty. You can post a LH calculator with the selling price set to 10% off at buyrate MF (still .00093 this month? Confirm). Put in the incentives you qualify for and the correct taxes etc. Then get some actual feedback

Should have added if I choose to buy the car out of the lease that would be a factor (most likely not the Arteon though, but a car that would have that potential).

I have, but the resale value and longevity issues I’ve seen online have kind of steered me away from that path, wouldn’t tune unless I decide I want to purchase the car out of the loan.

If it’s a “good lease”, the buy-out won’t be favorable. Have you read through Leasing 101?

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I have, I’ve gotten the MF, RVs, and incentives, and have an idea of the numbers, however the VW dealerships I’ve reached out to cannot come close to those numbers. There are some dealers on here that does come close with the BMW, but other than that, i’m not sure if there are other options i’m missing or if I should try to pursue the current path. The Arteon has most lease information from last year, which is a bit useless now.

What pre-incentive discount are you using for your calculations? What type of discount are dealers offering on the Arteon?

I currently am in VA, I do not have the loyalty qualification, but I do have the military incentive, which according to BMW for this model is $2500.

Why would you consider to purchase out the lease if you’re worried about resale value and longevity?


Make sure $2500 for lease not purchase.

Arteons were leasing bad in the past so it might be even worse now.

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You can check out Audi A4. There is an additional Penfed $1500 incentive available for A4s.

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Did you confirm the incentive amount here:

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Yes, $2500 is for non-BMWFS financed purchase. $500 is for lease.


Yes I did, they sent the offer to a dealer directly but I have not heard back from them so I’m not sure if it is on the lease or purchase.

$2500 is purchase only. $500 for lease.


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: Forget about the Arteon. Residuals suck (they are usually in the mid to high 40s). The 3 series might be a better leasing candidate since it has a higher residual. I’ve seen brokers advertise 10% off MSRP + base MF + incentives.


Will do! Looking at an A4 45 now, going to compare some numbers between the A4 45 and the 330i xdrive m sport. I’m currently comparing the 2 brokers in my location for those 2 cars. I just have to find all the incentives for the Audi that will apply. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!