First Response on an Audi SQ5 Query

I’m digging around for deals on SQ5. This first offer seems pretty decent, really, from a SoCal dealer. With MSD and a little grinding, could be very strong. PM for details.

MSRP: $59,400

Dealer Discount: $6,325

Sales Price: $53,075

RV: $36,234 (61% @ 7500 miles)

MF: .00164

Acq Fee: $895

Doc Fee: $80

Available Incentives: Season of Audi Credit of $750

If you currently own a 2005 or newer Audi, you will also be eligible for a $1000 owner loyalty discount as well.

Let me know about this one and I can update for you.

$694 Due at lease signing

$694/month x35 months

Post your best offer, not the first.

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Doesn’t seem great… this post has an SQ5 for $569/mo (not sure what MSRP or anything is though)

Add acquisition, doc, license, and some taxes and that $569 (which is for a total stripper MSRP $52.4k, which you’ll probably have a hard time finding ever) and you’re at $635 real quick.

Hell, just add tax (9%) to 569 and you’re already at $620.

@Desert_Snow @anon92897398,

This is actually for an SQ5 with an MSRP of 60535

Based on LA Tax payment comes out 626/mo including tax

@Omegaautogroup how much is the due at signing with that deal?

@jon Total driveofff based on LA County is 2496.99